Wednesday, 6 May 2009

so hughge right now.

remember when i saw him in london????? ahhh.

i saw WOLVERINE this weekend and once again am in awe of the hotness that is hugh jackman. as if the herbal essence-esque water dousing moment in australia wasn't enough.
when he bursts out of that tank? please!!! i could hardly contain myself.

so of course i get home and google the heck out of're telling me this guy is 40 years old? and married to HER??

oh hugh hunny, please. the least you could do was marry someone your own generation! this broad is 13 years older than him. but good, you know what, i respect him all the more for staying married, even after being voted what was it, sexiest man in the universe? something along those lines.
because we all know a nice, good looking married man is the WORST kind of man you can be around. all you can do is smile and be happy for his wife, which is no fun at all. which brings me to my next question for all you singlez out there...

why do engaged men NOT WEAR RINGS? why??

i take this as nothing less than the last trace of women's inequality in the americas. what, so they have some sort of lesser commitment than we do?
i can't tell you how many nice, friendly, good looking, ENGAGED guys i seem to meet. and you don't even realize it until the drop the F bomb on you. after a nice, ten minute conversation. "oh yes my fiancee and i blahhhhhh..."
the worst was the verizon guy. MARRIED and not wearing his ring....?

i go into the store to upgrade my phone and am just tickled when this total hottie walks up to help me. of course, i scam the 4th finger, NO RING. things are looking great.
he is legitimately flirting with me for probably ten minutes and then,
"oh yeah, my WIFE blah blah blahh"
"oh-uhh.haaha.yeah. WHAT??!!!!"

ummmm i'm sorry i just planned our life together in my head...
i'm telling your wife you flirt with girls to sell phones.

those of you who go to byu know what an awful abundance there is of guys like this. what do we do about it? if not rings, there must be some other solution. wristbands? brand their foreheads? dare i say it....ban them from campus?? ha sometimes i wish. anyway. i loooove dating!! it is just so much fun and i'm learning so much from all these experiences. can't wait for my eternal comp to just come and like whisk me out of the brimhall!


Billy Reano said...

Man, to be honest, I have had a total man-crush on Hugh Jackman ever since Australia...

Before that, it was Daniel, he has STUNNING blue eyes.

When it comes to guys and dropping the, girls do that TOO. Quit your hatin'.

david and kinsley harper said...

i love you!!! i was laughing so hard the whole time reading it! yes hugh is a hottie... dave said if his wife died and we met, he would let me get married to him.... die you old cougar!!!

betsy b said...


i vote neither wristbands, rings, or forehead branding, but complete elimination from campus.

Ardently said...

ha. you crack me up rebbie.