Monday, 25 May 2009

the encore

so recently i attended the mae concert at the avalon theater in murray. somewhat haven't listened to them since high school but hey, i'm always happy to take a trip up to that lovely little venue.
annnyway, they play their set and then go off stage and what do we all do? start chanting, "one more song," over and over in breathless suspense....
wait. didn't we do this last time? and the time before...
but they might not come back this time, KEEP CHANTING!
i think it just may be the fakest little fake out in showbusiness.
we're done...oh wait!! we'll play one more song since you guys are "the best audience this tour. (did i mention the girls in utah are the prettiest i've ever seen?)"
my favorite was when we went to the bee gee's concert
one (very atypical...) loserish night freshman year brienne came to our rescue with her phatty nu skin connections and got us tickets to see the BEE GEE'S. or i mean the BEE GEE, since there's only one who still is alive/in operation.
they played stayin alive and trust me we were gettin down hard core with 5 billion asians, it was legit.
then they go off stage and we start chanting for more, naturally. but hold on, didn't he already do the only song we all knew?
why, yes, yes he did. so he came back and....played it again. and the crowd went wild! ohh one of the best encore moments of my life.

so next time i'm at a concert i think i'll start a movement to NOT cheer for the encore...just to shake things up. wouldn't it be fun? just dead silence. ok awkward fun, but fun nonetheless.
anyway, shout out to mae for their AMAZING encore: lead singer + guitar + sun. so great.


Billy Reano said...

I am digging the posterboys for your blog post. Rock on. Anywho, I've seen Mae before. Good energy. Props.

Kera said...

Ah I'm so mad I missed the encore! We left like ten minutes early, what were we thinking?! And I couldn't agree more the BeeGee was great live, even if we had a few repeats, does anyone even know any of their other songs? Doubtful.

The Smiths said...

Hey Rebbie,

Good to see you again this weekend! Here is my comment, and our blog address!

Come check us out!

betsy b said...

oh the bee gee's. that was a sweetheart of a concert.

i love stalking your blog.

and i love you.

maybe i'll update soon.

Chelsey said...

Oh please don't forget Boyz II Men's first and last song at the SCERA. Yes, Motown Philly, both times. I was not complaining because that song kept me company on many a long bus rides home in junior high. I'm sure I put it on repeat on my Discman back then, I'm glad they did it in concert.

Mike said...

Rebsta!! Always love the posts, girl. Keeps me both laughing and thinking. I call it Linking... I do it while listening to the Zelda theme song, and holding a sword, trying to earn more hearts and triforce pieces.