Sunday, 17 May 2009

called to serve.

hermana groesbeck, leaving for the quito ecuador mission in less than a month!

ok this is somewhat late i realize, but i just wanted to say thank you to everyone who came and supported michelley last week!
it was so great to see everyone who knows and loves her.
it was somewhat of an emotional day for well as for my parents, if you didn't notice :)
she leaves june 10th and as of right now i'm secretly plotting evil ways to keep her home. just kidding i don't REALLY want to go to hell, but i'm going to miss her terribly. i don't want to think about it...

thank you friends for coming!
my mom's heel got stuck in the ac vent, causing some post-church stress. so awesome.
hezzy, aaron and baby ??
pretty sure every kid there had chocolate smeared on their faces/sunday clothes.
cute chasey cannot get enough of the water fountain, i love it!the miller girls are amazing! so many memories of dancing to mariah carey in lake powell and wishing i was them :)
amy on mom duty as usual
sexy singles
mom & nana
by the time we got to it, the chocolate fountain was broken and overloaded with the remains of kids attempts to use it. yes we still ate it.
beautiful people
blossom tree outside our house. how can you not be happy this time of year? oh yeah, when your sister is LEAVING YOU for a year and a half :) i think she'll have a blog when she goes so i will keep everyone posted!


Billy Reano said...

are you still evil plotting? If you need advice or help, notify me.

nice pictures, and yes, beautiful people.

jenna said...

i'm so glad i found your blog and found this post. i love chelly so much and my rev it up rebbi. email me and i'll add you to my sweet freaking blog! ha

Chelsey said...

I guess I missed the phone call letting me know when to serve, but, I'm glad Michelle was able to get hers. I'm also happy you could fully document the heating vent incident. Pivotal.