Sunday, 19 April 2009


so... i got into the creative track in the advertising program.

i would like to thank all those who put up with me and my pregnant-worthy mood swings during the week my portfolio was due...pretty sure i went a little insane but i think i'm back to normal now.
i am so excited to start and so grateful to be able to do what i love in school!

some of you have asked to see my portfolio. well the problem is they KEEP THEM for time and all eternity. so all that work using my mad bookbinding skills to put it together will only be enjoyed by those within doug mckinlay's office. lame? i agree. i'm going to see if i can at least borrow it for a week or something. literally no one saw it but me before i turned it in.
think i was a little nervous? yeahhh.

yesterday i came home and amy's kids were at the house. just try to tell me they aren't the cutest kids you've ever seen.
anyway this kid,

andrew, comes up to me and says in his dialect:
"rebb, we yeft fyowers and hearts on your door. you are going to be sooo surprised!"
so awesome.

note the hannah montana stickers. classic.

thanks to them it has been a lovely finals week.
they make me soooo baby hungry. all i want to do is get married and have kids....psych!
anyway, happy finals and warm weather to all. we're taking off to betsy's beach house again this week. life is lovely.


Rebecca said...

rebbbbbb you going to be in huntington at betsy's????????? i am going to be at mine tooooo!!!!!!!!!!!

we HAVE HAVE HAVE to play!!!!!!! i know all the COOLEST places in huntington!!!!!!

woot woot

and congrats on creative track! thats awesome!

Brandon and Katie said...

congrats rebb!!!! that's exciting. i'm so glad for you! love you lots.
i like the idea of you getting married and popping out some mini rebb's. :)

Billy Reano said...

congrats about getting into the creative track. Man, it is an honor to be a creative. Never take your position lightly because you took a spot of someone who really wanted it...not that you deserved it, but just dont take this for granted.

Holy cow, that didn't make sense.

Kellee Marie Cook said...

i KNEW you were baby hungry just like the rest of our friends!!!

sell out.

(jk I know you'll stick around with me at the candy shoppe)

Sarah Orme said...

a. congrats on the program (....50% of the candy shoppe will be 100% more creative then i will ever be)

b. can't wait for the satire about marriage and babies when we live together.

c. you'rrrrrrrrrrreeeeeeeeee ggggggrrrrrrrrrrrrrrreeeeeaaaaaaaaattttttttt@

jPate said...


Mike said...

knew it. Absolutely KNEW it. Love you.

Alex said...

CHAPEAU! (which means "tip of the hat to you" in French) You're a freakin creative genius and I'm glad the people in the Brimhall have figured that out too, otherwise I'd have a bean to pick with them.

Chelsey said...

Ooh, do we now get to use "creative" as a noun? Sweet. Congrats Reb!