Saturday, 4 April 2009

touching conference post.

don't you adore provo during conference? love love love it! especially this guy and his soothing voice. so much inspiration just floating around in the air. or wait was that snow.....
just thought i'd try to lose the sarcasm for a day. or a post at least :)

anyone ever read dandelion wine? the two boys keep a list of 'revelations' they have. i started doing this in high school and i love it. not like crazy/weird/angel came to my bedside revelations, just little things i've learned or realized. i was reading through them the other day and amidst the many profound and perfectly written insights here's one i found:
#109. i am SO tired of feeling inadequate.
why do we do this to ourselves? am i just a perfectionist or does everyone feel like this? blah. i hate it.
i found this quote by my favorite apostle whose beautiful words i miss dearly, the one and only elder neal a. maxwell. it's long. but read it.

"Now may I speak, not to the slacker in the kingdom, but to those who carry their own load and more; not to those lulled into false security, but to those buffeted by false insecurity, who, though laboring devotedly in the Kingdom, have recurring feelings of falling forever short.

"The first thing to be said of this feeling of inadequacy is that it is normal. There is no way the Church can honestly describe where we must yet go and what we must yet do without creating a sense of immense distance. Following Celestial road signs while in Telestial traffic jams is not easy, especially when we are not just moving next door--or even across town.

"In a Kingdom where perfection is an eventual expectation, each other's needs for improvement have a way of being noticed.

"Some of us who would not chastise a neighbor for his frailties have a field day with our own. Some of us stand before no more harsh a judge than ourselves, a judge who stubbornly refuses to admit much happy evidence and who cares nothing for due process. Fortunately the lord loves us more than we love ourselves.

"Yes, brothers and sisters, this is a gospel of grand expectations, but God's grace is sufficient for each of us. Discouragement is not the absene of adequacy but the absence of courage, and our personal proress should be yet another way we witness to the wonder of it all!"

anyway. be happy, God realizes you're trying!
here's to watching church in pajamas. and having girls night out while the boys go watch more church. wa ha ha.


Mike said...


Thanks for this. I've always felt like the only sinner in Provo, and I think many people feel this way.

You're a temple-worthy Rockstar.

Michelle said...

I am too looney to understand neal a. maxwell's quote right now (going on the last forty minutes of my night shift) but I love that you do that. Thanks for your example lil'sis. I'm being serious

Todd, Rose and Emy said...

Missed you on Saturday night:) You're awesome!

Brandon and Katie said...

i love you!!!! miss you lots! will you tell rose to add me to her blog? i want to see their bloggy blog. thanks darlin marlin!

Billy Reano said...

Thanks for inspiring Elder Maxwell to write that.