Monday, 27 April 2009

if you wannabe my lover, u gotta get with my friends

so on saturday i was at a swap meet and i came across this book

and the memories came flooding back.
the platform heels, the twisty buns, ohh the beauty!!!!

yes i'm talking about the SPICE GIRLS, the greatest thing to come out of the UK besides the american revolution and percy pigs.
these girls were such a big part of my growing up, it's hard to imagine it without them. when i heard they were doing another world tour i very nearly spent an absurd amount of money on some nosebleed tickets. i mean entertainment like that just doesn't exist anymore. what, am i supposed to digress to the sugababes? please.

some of you may not know, but i actually have quite the past with these girls.
the summer after SPICEWORLD came out one of my friends had the brillliant idea that we dress up like them and have a concert. well, one thing led to another and next thing you know we were having daily, sold out shows. sometimes we even had two-a-days, always in tessa's backyard. those poor neighbors must have wanted to die after hearing endless high pitched, pubescent renditions of "colors of the world, SPICE UP YOUR LIFE!"
this was not just an activity, it was a LIFESTYLE. we watched spice world every day, were constantly on the lookout for the greatest costume and we never, ever broke our accents. remember the spice bus they rode around in? ahhh i covenanted that thing with all my little heart.

our roles were as follows:
Jess Reichman as Ginger Spice
Ellery Baum as Sporty Spice
Tessa Riskas as Posh Spice
Cassidy Adams as Baby Spice
which leaves....

if any of you know all of us you realize how amazingly mismatched some of these are. ohh it makes me so happy.
anyway, i just thought they deserved a little shout out since they're all getting old and lookin a little saggy. all except for mrs. victoria beckham, whose marriage to the hottest man in the universe immediately rescued her from any post-spice life trauma.
i highly suggest spicing up your own life by getting out your favorite spice cd and reliving the glory days, perhaps whilst driving or jumping on your bed. it brightened my day amazingly. and yes, i still know all mel b's parts by heart.


Cason and Marie said...

which leaves...Marie Burr as the outcast! OR I guess you could call me the bus driver. Haha. Loved this post! I remember you guys used to laugh so hard at that movie and I think at one point you quoted almost the whole thing. So funny.

I love mel b's parts. I made up some of my own words to those lyrics cuz she says them so darn fast. Long live the Spice Girls!

Cason and Marie said...

hahah ps I love your music!!

Rebecca said...

please tell me that this loverly swap meet discovery was at the one in Huntington. because it is seriously the best/most hilarious/ my favorite swap meet ever.


love spice girls. and percy pigs.

Hayley (and Kyle) said...

Hahaha I feel you, Rebb... I was Scary Spice in our crew. The love of camou and animal prints still reigns!!!!!!!! And my hair is definitely resembling hers down here in the south.

P.S. I'm guilty of spending ridiculous amounts of money on nosebleed tickets, haha it was amazing what a lot of money and some major procedures could do for them... all skinnier and cuter than they were when we were 10.

I miss you girls! Hope you're doing awesome!

Chelsey said...

hahaha. Oh Rebbie, nothing makes me happier than to know that you were the Scary Spice of your crew. Fitting. I will admit that as I was reading I was envisioning you at the same age I was when Spiceworld came out. Wouldn't have been as cute, or socially acceptable. But, I will happily and willingly sing "When two become one" with you anytime.

Billy Reano said...

You? Scary Spice?

...I could see that...

Mike said...

Covenanted the Spice Bus?

that's hard. I mean, sure... it will never break it's end of the deal and all, but...

...OH. COVETED. I get it now.

Rebecca said...

haha did i say covenanted? woops. i guess my mind is overly pure and only thinks in gospel terms.

Andrea said...

Reading your blog is like the coldest, most refreshing Diet Coke on a hot, sweaty day! It absolutely makes my day! you are a brilliant writer...

Ardently said...

that makes me SO HAPPY to see the spice girls are on the blogosphere! (came across your blog via kellee cook). you make me laugh so hard.

much love from mike and paige

betsy b said...

i'm postive that that was the best post ever.

and i feel so much joy imagining you jumping on your bed (possibly our bunk bed) with twisty buns and a mic singing spice girls with your retainer in and scrunchie and sleep gloves.

you're the greatest. i'm glad i could browse that book with you myself at the swapmeet.

i still want that singer...and it's a sign because my word verification is SEWisc.