Saturday, 11 April 2009


i am so tired of getting this message in my facebook inbox.
messages used to be juicy tidbits too sensational to be written on walls and now it's just 'take this survey' or 'julie and bobby are getting married!!!'
anyway...why is provo so obsessed with The Dance Party??
freshman year it was fun. sophomore year it was old. now it's TORTURE.
the loud music, awkward b'in & g'in, being covered in that guy's sweat..not a fan.
yet i still find myself there, looking at crowds of beautiful men i will never talk to, because there's nothing else to do. awful.
last night i went to one and started talking to this kid about my glasses, as they are a surprisingly common topic of conversation. ("are those real?" "why yes they are. oh and the glasses are too")
by 'talking' i mean, well, screaming. let me demonstrate.
me: 'hey'
kid: 'what?'
me: 'HEY'
kid: huh?
me: "HI!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"
kid: 'oh, hey. what's you're name?'
me: (oh great) "Rebbie"
kid: "huh?"
finally i took his phone and typed it in. didn't give him my number though...?? stupid me. anyway. we danced away awkwardly. haha. what else can you do?
apparently we go to these things to meet people. in reality we all just check each other out and never see each other again. welcome to the technology age where the only interaction possible is digital!!!!! THE HUMANS ARE DEAD. (flight of the concords anyone?)

so this is the hottest new location for The Dance Party, where gangsters and hipsters alike can be found.
don't get me wrong, many of you are aware of my affinity for gettin down. but if i'm really gonna get DOWN, i'm wearing my sweats and nike dunks and showing up at 9:00 when no one's there and i've got the place to myself and my girls.
unfortunately, if you actually want to MEET PEOPLE, this is inefficient. it seems that boys in provo don't look at you unless you're wearing $200 jeans and live at alpine village. maybe it's just me...
anyway, there has to be a solution. there has to!! i just don't know what it is yet. until i find it, see ya'all next weekend at spoon me. yuck.


Billy Reano said...

For reals, the guys you meet at those parties are LOSERS anyway. The people sitting on their porches making small fires on the other hand are pretty neat.

Jordyn said...

Bwahaha Reb you slay me. "Yes they are and the glasses are too" rock grrl. I miss you, save me a dance [party] when I get back out to Provo?

Kellee Marie Cook said...

I am so glad you confronted this problem. I am very sick of hearing about dance parties. So unless it's you or another girl friend inviting me to a low key house dance party (preferably girls only) than I am probably not going to attend.

jPate said...

AHHHH this happened to me a couple weekends ago!! Silly dances with silly boys that only want to do the "b'in and g'in," and the night ends in complete failure and wasted opportunity. I'm with Kellee, truly enjoyable dances usually involve large groups of girls only.

P.S. my word verification is nocance. Ummmm, ok.

Mike said...

i wish I could defend the dance party...

...I cannot. Rather, every time I have gone, I envy those who are confined to wheelchairs, and have the trump card when asked, "why aren't you going to the dance party?"

they can reply with, "Oh, sorry, I wasn't blessed with the gift of BODILY MOVEMENT. Guess i'll just remain in my wheeled dungeon that doth leave me in want of the dance party."

Sarah Orme said...

k--i agree with everything you said, particularly about the girl dance party. Were you at the dance party in high school where we were at the car wash and the cops stopped us dancing. So classic.

oh speaking of dance
sytycd coming soon!