Sunday, 15 March 2009

why do we dance? WHY DO WE BREATHE?

ok so we used to make fun of that cheesy quote in high school but it's semi true....

i fear that nothing in the whole wide world will ever make me as happy as dancing.
i am fully aware of how ridiculous that sounds but i wish everyone could understand how it feels!
do you know of any other sport where your WHOLE body and EVERY emotion in you is engaged??? no. because it doesn't exist.
sadly i don't get to dance that much anymore but every time i do the world is right again.
my most beautiful moments have come while dancing.
how lovely is it to tell a story without having to bother with words?
i watched my high school dance concert video the other night. so many great memories.
now i have to get by on SYTYCD, which starts in a few months...let the countdown begin!!!!!

this couple + wade robson + john mayer = magic. watch it here:

or the pg-13 but oh so amazing version here:


Brandon and Katie said...

i know something... it's called making love. :) haha i promise you'll find something that makes you as happy as dancing. ;) love you baby doll.

Kellee Marie Cook said...

hahaha I am laughing at Katie's comment right now. she WOULD say something like that.. haha love her! Anyways I can't wait for SYTYCD to begin. We are watching it together.

Brienne said...

haha Loved katie's comment too. And Rebs I love you! You are amazing! So glad we understand eachother!