Sunday, 29 March 2009

if you don't care about tennis, this will be realllly boring.

a few weekends ago michelley and i flew down to PALM SPRINGS to escape march depression and watch the BNP PARIBAS Open. Hate that name. But whatever. Anyone ever been to Palm Springs? Lots of windmills. And old rich people. And SUN.

these are grapefruit and oranges picked fresh from the tree outside
(mom's words: "oh look at this beautiful bowl of delicious!")

shelly and i heading out to watch the tennis!

all of us at the night match after the crowd cleared out. it was midnight. and i was in my t shirt and shorts. so heavenly.

we watched roger federer play verdasco. SO AMAZING.

doesn't he look manly? haha verdasco is so unbelievably smokin. my dad started sporting a euro-mullet after we watched him. he said he was 'joking,' but one wonders.

these are the bryan brothers. identical twins from the us, #1 doubles team in the world. didn't i capture the butt clench perfectly?

remember when i met andy roddick? i think i scribbled 'rebbie roddick' in my notebook for weeks after. i was 14 here and shaking after we took this picture haha. i'd like to think i've grown up since then but i'd be lying if i said i didn't still get butterflies watching him in real life...
here he is playing doubles with mardy fish, david nalbandian & juan martin del potro

so shelly and i were wandering the practice courts, when all of a sudden i hear a girl scream. so i turn around and lo and behold: RAFA NADAL SHIRTLESS. ten feet in front of me! hay papi.
isn't he adorable? love him.

so this is me sticking my camera lens through the chain link fence like some pervy paparazzi. so awkward when he turned around and was 5 feet away looking at me..haha. it was seriously so amazing though. ah!!!

this is the bryan brothers again. we snuck down to the front row and i just happened to catch match point on camera! aren't they precious?

i have so many great memories of this place. especially when we ditched high school like rock stars and sat at the pool for a week. those were the days...

i heart you ladies.


Mike said...

remember that time I was enrolled in a tennis class for like one day and 17 minutes?

I am a champ. Please teach me how to play.

Brandon and Katie said...

and i love you!!!! oh such fun times! brandon and i might be staying another year... some big things have been happening. i'll post about it later. :) haha! but you DEFINITELY need to come visit asap. the weather is perfect right now. think palm springs but with your bestest friend katie! irresistible? yep! :) love you baby cakes!

Chelsey said...

Caring about tennis, and caring about Andy Roddick are two very different things. Thank you for this.

Michelle said...

Happiness. Especially the butt clench. I laughed outloud.

Lindsey S. said...

I love palm springs! I am very jealous! love the tennis even more!

Billy Reano said...

Were you ACTUALLY in California? Cause' I watch 'The Hills' and I have NEVER seen them play tennis.