Wednesday, 25 March 2009


remember when i used to live here?

i know everyone's sick of hearing it but.....
i still wake up every morning wishing i was there



Mike said...

I don't remember. But I love that you do.

keep your shirt closed modestly, please.

Kellee Marie Cook said...

amen. hey I have been home over a year and a half and I still bring it up.. I'm sure people are REALLY sick of me. so for the record, that longing feeling for the motherland is not going away anytime soon.

Chelsey said...

I'm sorry, I can't take my eyes off the expression on your face in this picture. Stop seducing the readers Reb.

Anna Jay said... about wavelength.

Also. I love you & pictures.
Lookin good sister hood.

Brienne said...

I loved that night.
You're definitely seducing all who see this picture.
Keep loving and missing it. Passion makes life better...right?

Kellee Marie Cook said...

Alex said...

I would be lying if I said I hadn't spent an inordinate amount of time going through aaaall of my pictures and remembering the better times.
Come back into my life?