Tuesday, 3 March 2009


i've had it with this show. i only watch it because hello like chris harrison is like the best thing that ever happened to reality tv.

hi...my name's jason and i just loooove to break up with beautiful, sweet girls on national tv and get together with a different one 5 minutes later.

hi i'm melissa. i got seriously screwed over. i also ruined my beautiful yellow dress by jumping into a pool with my (ex) fiance and (almost) stepson.

hi, i'm molly. and i shake my head when i talk. but i do have these great, 'big green eyes, that when j looks into them i just have him.'

hi, i'm deanna. and abc paid me to go to new zealand and pretend i wanted jason back. i also called myself stupid on national television. i have also been photoshopped to death in this picture.

hi, i'm your host, chris harrison. i write the script for the bachelor. i also make sure they know when it's the final rose because usually, you know, it's hard to tell.

whyyyyyyy did i spent countless hours watching this awful show???? why??
i refused to watch tonight's--anyone seen it? i've heard it's better but i just can't bring myself to.
this is my pledge that my bachelor-watching days are over. someone PLEASE hold me to it.
p.s. i took a picture on my phone of all the girls' faces while we were watching.....so classic. if only i had my real camera!



Lindsey S. said...

hahaha i laugh because we make so much fun of chris harrison when he comes out to say it's the final rose... how stupid does he think they are!

Brandon and Katie said...

haha i love you and i love the bachelor. :) i keep telling myself that i'm not going to watch it but it's jillian next so.... you know i will and you know that you will.

Alex said...

I just don't know if Chris would look as good all oiled up and receiving a steamy massage... But of course I don't watch the show just for the mancandy... I watch it because of the profound and real acquisition of love.

Lauren said...

so true. its my number one guilty pleasure...but i missed this season and it sounds like major drama... i might have to go and rewatch the whole thing now! look what you have done to me rebbie!