Sunday, 29 March 2009

if you don't care about tennis, this will be realllly boring.

a few weekends ago michelley and i flew down to PALM SPRINGS to escape march depression and watch the BNP PARIBAS Open. Hate that name. But whatever. Anyone ever been to Palm Springs? Lots of windmills. And old rich people. And SUN.

these are grapefruit and oranges picked fresh from the tree outside
(mom's words: "oh look at this beautiful bowl of delicious!")

shelly and i heading out to watch the tennis!

all of us at the night match after the crowd cleared out. it was midnight. and i was in my t shirt and shorts. so heavenly.

we watched roger federer play verdasco. SO AMAZING.

doesn't he look manly? haha verdasco is so unbelievably smokin. my dad started sporting a euro-mullet after we watched him. he said he was 'joking,' but one wonders.

these are the bryan brothers. identical twins from the us, #1 doubles team in the world. didn't i capture the butt clench perfectly?

remember when i met andy roddick? i think i scribbled 'rebbie roddick' in my notebook for weeks after. i was 14 here and shaking after we took this picture haha. i'd like to think i've grown up since then but i'd be lying if i said i didn't still get butterflies watching him in real life...
here he is playing doubles with mardy fish, david nalbandian & juan martin del potro

so shelly and i were wandering the practice courts, when all of a sudden i hear a girl scream. so i turn around and lo and behold: RAFA NADAL SHIRTLESS. ten feet in front of me! hay papi.
isn't he adorable? love him.

so this is me sticking my camera lens through the chain link fence like some pervy paparazzi. so awkward when he turned around and was 5 feet away looking at me..haha. it was seriously so amazing though. ah!!!

this is the bryan brothers again. we snuck down to the front row and i just happened to catch match point on camera! aren't they precious?

i have so many great memories of this place. especially when we ditched high school like rock stars and sat at the pool for a week. those were the days...

i heart you ladies.

Wednesday, 25 March 2009


remember when i used to live here?

i know everyone's sick of hearing it but.....
i still wake up every morning wishing i was there


Tuesday, 17 March 2009


(warning: this post may be highly stereotypical and somewhat offensive. but all in good fun...)

so i know i told a lot of you i was living at home this semester. the truth is that i live in this beautifully rustic yellow brick building called THE BRIMHALL.

under this one roof, the five branches of the comms department attempt to cohabit in harmony. they are, namely:
PR, advertising, broadcast journalism, print journalism, and communication studies
anyway, as much as we try to hide it, we all strongly feel that our major is, well, FAR superior to the rest.
those PR kids? please, i can smell them from a mile away. here's an example:
(the one on the left)

by some freak accident, the advertising kids were forced to share the ADLAB with the BRADLAB (PR students who sit at computers and call people asking for money)
there's no physical division between the two but boyyy is there an invisible line that you DO NOT CROSS. it's like being in a public restroom with just one other person--as much as you don't want to acknowledge them it's IMPOSSIBLE to forget they're there.

then there's broadcast. oh you broadcast ladies. may your big hair and thick makeup bring you joy, prosperity and an impeccable newscasting voice.
print journalists are harmless, nice individuals who are respectable enough

and communication studies? i don't even know what that means, how can i go about judging them?

so then you have the best of the brimhall....the ADVERTISERZ.
who are we?
this is a rough idea of what we look like* **

*laptop MUST have an apple logo on it
**the beard is hypothetical of course, since we are forced right now to conform to a certain degree
basically take any innovative, creative person with endless wit and personality and stick them behid a mac and there you have it :)

we are....
in byu but not of byu
we call our professors by their first names
we complain about spending hours in the lab but in reality we looove it
we hang out on weekends
we're saving the world, one glass of water at a time
we're the only ones of our friends who know what it means to tweet
we actually like our majors. in....we love them.

but then there are the CREATIVES.
those masterminds who've changed it from an adjective to a noun.
they know adobe products like i know the frames of my glasses.
they make me feel like a technological grandparent.
only a meager handful of us are considered worthy of the title, but oh how we all want to be them!!

and where do i fit into all this? art director? copywriter? account planner?
they didn't tell me i'd have to make so many important decisions once i got into my major. what do they think this is, my career or something? honestly.

p.s. just so everyone knows, i have lovely and wonderful friends who belong to other comms majors. i do not, despite what it may seem, discriminate based on major.

Sunday, 15 March 2009

why do we dance? WHY DO WE BREATHE?

ok so we used to make fun of that cheesy quote in high school but it's semi true....

i fear that nothing in the whole wide world will ever make me as happy as dancing.
i am fully aware of how ridiculous that sounds but i wish everyone could understand how it feels!
do you know of any other sport where your WHOLE body and EVERY emotion in you is engaged??? no. because it doesn't exist.
sadly i don't get to dance that much anymore but every time i do the world is right again.
my most beautiful moments have come while dancing.
how lovely is it to tell a story without having to bother with words?
i watched my high school dance concert video the other night. so many great memories.
now i have to get by on SYTYCD, which starts in a few months...let the countdown begin!!!!!

this couple + wade robson + john mayer = magic. watch it here:

or the pg-13 but oh so amazing version here:

Saturday, 7 March 2009

orange face: sooo hot right now.

so after whining about how terribly white i was, i finally decided this year to just embrace the vampire skin and live with it.
but... then shelly and i got tickets to palm springs in a few weeks and i decided i'd go tanning a few times so i don't lobster myself. totally justifiable right?
so i go and am greeted by the orange-faced "tanning consultants" who i know are pitying/judging my whiteness silently.
i tell her i need a lotion so she consults,
"oh, have you ever used a tingle?"
"?..a what??"
"what a tingle does, is it brings the blood flow to the surface so that blah blah some overly physiological explanation that i know is a lie."
finally she gets me sold on this lovely glittery bottle (not a tingle, but there were 20 different bronzers in it, guaranteed to give your skin a natural, sexy, glowing beach tan)
"ok so your total will be 94$ after the discount."
ha ha ha ha ha!
i started laughing.
finally i get the cheapest one (still ridiculously expensive) and go bake for six minutes. results?
pinkish stomach and back. PERFECT! because those are the places everyone sees, naturally.
why do we do this to ourselves? so so sad.

Tuesday, 3 March 2009


i've had it with this show. i only watch it because hello like chris harrison is like the best thing that ever happened to reality tv. name's jason and i just loooove to break up with beautiful, sweet girls on national tv and get together with a different one 5 minutes later.

hi i'm melissa. i got seriously screwed over. i also ruined my beautiful yellow dress by jumping into a pool with my (ex) fiance and (almost) stepson.

hi, i'm molly. and i shake my head when i talk. but i do have these great, 'big green eyes, that when j looks into them i just have him.'

hi, i'm deanna. and abc paid me to go to new zealand and pretend i wanted jason back. i also called myself stupid on national television. i have also been photoshopped to death in this picture.

hi, i'm your host, chris harrison. i write the script for the bachelor. i also make sure they know when it's the final rose because usually, you know, it's hard to tell.

whyyyyyyy did i spent countless hours watching this awful show???? why??
i refused to watch tonight's--anyone seen it? i've heard it's better but i just can't bring myself to.
this is my pledge that my bachelor-watching days are over. someone PLEASE hold me to it.
p.s. i took a picture on my phone of all the girls' faces while we were classic. if only i had my real camera!