Sunday, 22 February 2009

oldies on facebook....not a fan. oh and ROADTRIP!

sooo i like older people. i like middle aged people and i'm friends with a number of them.
is that mean of me? i guess it is. i really do like my friends' parents! i really do like my old young women's leader and my coworkers and my bishop and my high school math teacher.
but the whole social networking/waste hours of your time creating fake relationships scene is just OURS. it's our generation.
is it so strange that i feel awkward thinking my bishop is going to look at pictures of me gettin down at some dance party or that my boss can now see me in a swimsuit??? haha
my mom keeps saying, "i've gotten an awful lot of invitations from my friends to join facebook...?" with an inquisitive look in her eye.
NOOO!!!!!!! please no.
i guess that's what we have to deal with in the 'information age.'
technology these days...


i went to california over president's day. we stayed at betsita's beach house in huntington.
such a lovely 3 days.

we talked on the beach

and chased the seagulls
and ate pizookies
and played in hollywood
and blew bubbles at the local swap meet
and wore stunna shades
and frolicked in the sunset
and tried to play volleyball even though we're so horrible i had a headache from laughing
and loved to see the temple
and had a cuddle fest on the beach
and came home with sand in our shoes
oh how i love the ocean. and hate the snow. why do i live in utah again?


Chelsey said...

Dear Diary,
Where can I find a pizookie like the one Rebbie ate in California?

P.S. How can I take pictures that make me look artsy and cool?

betsy b said...

best post ever.

love you sooo much.

Brandon and Katie said...

hahaha! i love you. right after i read that, susan richards added me on Facebook- tyler richard's mom. haha! i love it.