Wednesday, 25 February 2009

i heart annie leibovitz

so i'm sure you all have seen her stuff but just don't know it--it's everywhere. anyway, annie leibovitz is PHENOMENAL. she had an exhibit in the national portrait gallery while i was in london and i spent hours there all by my magical.

i am in looove with this campaign she shot for disney. totally brill.

rachel weisz as snow white
beyonce & some fools i don't know. anyone know who they are?
roger federer as king arthur. anyone see him cry after the australian open? poor guy.
Jessica Biel as pocohontas. Ummmm i'm a little confused why JT isn't in here as john smith?
Scarlet JO as Cinderella
Giselle, Baryshnikov & Tina Fey for Peter Pan
Julianne Moore and Michael Phelps....where's your bong Mikey???
hahahhaa this is the only one i hate. those two just...well...i don't like em.

anyway, disney obviously has some serious billz. i don't even want to know how much this cost! amazing though, yes? i am in love.


anna said...

O m that Leo picture with the swan sent me to heaven. These do too...except one. WHO would ever put Tina Fey with Giselle and Baryshnikov? NO, tina. Okay, I'm done.


Chelsey said...

Lyle Lovett and Oliver Pratt.

Jordyn said...

These were my desktop wallpapers all last year, and for good reason!!! I'm so glad you love these too Rebbicita

Lacy said...

Ha, funny. I am Chelsey's sister, and she told me about your blog. I was going to comment to let you know who those people were in the Alice in Wonderland pic, but it looks like Chelsey already did that. (Can you tell we're sisters? The Collinses are full of endless celebrity knowledge.)

By the way, love your blog.