Friday, 23 January 2009

thom yorke is brilliant.

if you haven't already, GET THIS MUSIC. also....DON'T BUY THIS BOOK.

i loved her novel, the lovely bones, although it dealt with some pretty intense subject matter. i got this one in london thinking it would be a good read for the plane ride home. perhaps i should have read SOMETHING about it before buying it. here's what the first line says.

"when all is said and done, killing my mother came easily."

ummmmm no thank you. i tried to be 'open minded' and read more of it but i just couldn't quite swallow it. but the cover looked so smooth and beautiful :( i guess all that 'don't judge a book by its cover' stuff really is true huh?


alison said...

in rainbows = mmmmmmmmmmmmmm

Lauren said...

you know what that first line reminds me of... anne perry.

perhaps you should recommend the book to marin.