Sunday, 25 January 2009

i love you but you're just..umm..what's the word..

well i don't mean to be rude about this, i really hope no one is offended.....but
what is it with our love of older men?

i mean look at these two...have you ever seen a more perfect couple?
she must just looove stroking that thing on top of his head. anyone know where he imported this one from?
not saying i will EVER stoop too this gold diggerish of a level (insert kanye here) BUT there is something about older guys. or is it just me? i hate it.
i think somewhere along the way i became a fresh-off-the-mish magnet. why???? ahhh
i am so grateful they went on missions.
i recognize they are more spiritually enlightened than me.
i understand that if the second coming was tomorrow they'd be probably 13x better off.
but...socially they are still 19.
the other night this kid was reminiscing sentimentally about high school. he said he felt he could relate to the 18 year old girls in his ward because, after all, he feels like an 18 year old kid himself!
oh no!!!!!!!
then i had another embarrrrassing experience. on a date with a fresh-off-the-mishie, and i said
"when my brother got off his mission he was such a dork! he kept his hair parted for so long, we finally had to have a talk with him to get him to change it."
to which he replied
"oh. i stopped parting my hair a week ago."
ahhhh hahaha. i felt awful! we laughed about it but STILL.
then suddenly i'm so self conscious about every potential sin i could have committed during the course of the evening.
uhhh did i put on my seat belt?
crap, i said freak.
ahh i'm worldly. i know he thinks i'm worldly!
hahaha oh the joyyyssss of dating.
you marrieds miss it, i know you do. just admit it.

today i made myself write down a list of 10 good things about living with your parents, JUST YOUR PARENTS at age 20.
it only took 3 hours. kidding!
such a little optimist aren't i??


Emma said...

I married someone almost 7 years my senior, but I hardly notice the age gap now. All the guys my age seemed like they were still in high school, and that was . . . well. . . pathetic. I wanted to have normal conversations with a guy who knew and was studying more than just the Proc. To the World, and had other goals than marriage. But, hey, this is stuff that's worth writing down!

P.S. I am Alex's older sister and found your blog through hers.

holli hale said...

haha! Rebsta, you are hilarious!!! Give the RMs some time. They are newbies to the real world, but they'll come around! haha. Oh, and I am sorry for staring at you on campus! Let's hang soon!

Chelsey said...

ha. Rebbie, I wish I could relate about your dating woes, but ahh, dating has just been, ya know, skittles and rainbows for me. Boys who think I'm worldly, I am not familiar. Reb, this blog's hillarious.

betsy b said...


my husband is better than YOURS. poor parted RMs.
i think your embarrassing moment belongs to someone else.

(your date.)

Alex said...

Oh Rebicita. I feel for you. You deal with things that you don't have to! (I really hope you know what hit song goes along with those poetic words)
Dating is a blessing and a curse.
Sometimes I think I want my celibate London life.
Then I remember the frustration...

Jordyn said...

And here's yet another reason why I'm obsessed with you, Rebbicita: "I know he thinks I'm worldly!"

You didn't mention any date gas in this blog. Have you been cured? Is this comment embarrassing you??

Michelle said...

Whoa, you sucked me in... it was probably a combination of you being funny and interesting and me not wanting to get to my homework, but I've been reading your blog for about a half an hour.
-Michelle Crosland

Chelsey said...

Rebbie, this post reminded me of you.

Jenna the Cool said...

I can't believe you have a thing for the Trumpster.

jPate said...

Dear Rebbie,
You are funny. I like your blog.
Love, Jenny.

Dave and Nat said...

So true! You make me laugh girlie :)