Friday, 16 January 2009

fun times with betsita...

so....just so people know: I AM NOT DEPRESSED.
i have had a few unhappy moments lately, and i think people seem to read into this whole blogging thing a littttle too much.
maybe people aren't used to reading a blog that isn't happy cheerful and cuuuutesy all the time?
rule of thumb: if i write it on my blog, it's not that serious.

this week i got to help the lovely betsita broadwater with her advertising video. needless to say, we spent most the day laughing instead of working...she is so creative, her mind works in ways mine would never even dream! i'm sure she will make it. here are some of the stills.
this girl can do some insane things on skis. this was one of the less insane but still funny moments.

it was slightly blinding outside, which meant i got to wear my fabulous sunglasses i got in camden :)
she just loooved this outfit.
love it.
this is confusing...but she is so creative, you have to see the video to get it, which she won't let me post!

who else do you know that would do something like this?
she seriously collected probably 100 tube maps and made a bracelet out of them. only you bets.

this just gives you an idea of how hard it was to be serious....haha i was laying in this awkward corner, trying to get this terrible angle. i sound insane though eh?
her video turned out fabulous (thanks to the incredible john holman) and she tells me she's putting it on her blog so go look at it! betsy lynn broadwater.


holli hale said...

rebsta! where are you???

John Holman said...

thank you for the shout out rebbs. you don't always have to mention me to up my self-esteem. but thanks for the thoughts and loves.

betsy b said...

well aren't you just the sweetest thing ever!

thanks for the sweet shout out. you are just so great.

everyone should know that i can thank my advertising application and potential acceptance to you because i wasn't going to apply until you convinced me.