Wednesday, 7 January 2009

back. just like britney.

comeback # 13!!!!
so she went crazy and shaved her head.
give the girl a break, i'd do the same if jt broke up with me.
any thoughts on her latest hits?
i'm still in the i'll-listen-to-it-when-i-workout-but-i-hate-myself-for-it phase.


umm. so i thought of a new name for my blogggg.
i know all you marrieds reallly love your hubbies and i'm sure i'll brag about mine too someday...actually i kind of hope i don't. haha jk but there you go.

so the past few days have been somewhat of an emotional rollercoaster.
yesterday i had a little breakdown...
at one point i may have been driving the expedition, by myself, listening to some emo tunes, perhaps crying, yelling 'I HATE IT HERE! I HATE IT SO MUCH!'
haha. i'm a stable person i promise.
but then today the sun came out and just changed everything...
advertising is the best major in the world.
i'm not sure if it's normal to love your classes this much, but i seriously do.
keep in mind this is before any of the stress of the semester has set in... but honestly, how did i get so lucky?
i love being pushed to be innovative.
i love how ugly the brimhall is.
i love how witty/intelligent/aware the people in the brimhall are.
i love feeling like i maybe, just might have, (cross your fingers), found my niche
i know it's going to take a lot of work and i have a lot to learn...but i'm excited to learn it. and i want to.


Cason and Marie said...

Not the biggest fan of the womanizer song. Too repeatative. (sp) and I love your header!!! so funny. Sorry about your breakdown. I hate those days, but love them at the same time! Get it all out. Glad the sun made you happy! Just know I love you!

Kellee Marie said...

I hope they let me come join you!

Todd, Rose and Emy said...

Nothing compares to London...get over it:) I still pine, miss it, and wish that just for a little moment I would be there. But life goes on and I have to say that once you get into a major BYU is better for everyone! It gets easier too because you like what you are doing. Miss you and yes someday you will probably brag about your husband....even the best do!