Saturday, 26 December 2009


the other day in my place of work, someone was using spray adhesive to mount a project. i couldn't help but recall flashbacks of terror (you know, like on blindside) at what we on dance company used to use it for. suffice it to say that dance costumes cannot ever be trusted to stay where they are originally placed. thus, large doses of spray adhesive were required to maintain a flash-free performance. PAINFUL.

then i got thinking about how absolutely ridiculous every dance costume i ever wore was. i mean seriously, i'm paying $200 for this sequined pirate suit? not ok.

then i remembered the days of the quarternotes, where you payed a mere $5 for ALL your costumes, each semester. those of you, and i'm guessing it's a lot, who ever took from Colleen Collins Smith know EXACTLY what i'm talking about.

let it be known these were some of the most fun dance years of my life...they're also reallllly funny.

Colleen Collins Smith ran a dance studio out of good old THS. i'm not sure how old she is, but she has a large black beehive hairdo, which i'm sure could be used for some type of carbon dating. i'm not sure if she ever talks without yelling, and she used to scream "READY!!!!!!!" to my utter horror, as i commonly thought she was yelling my name. she wears black all the time and is passionate about two things. ok maybe three: old school choreography, all things disney, and her grandkids. if by chance, you happen to be her grandchild, who makes it at Disney, doing oldschool choreography, you have seriously arrived!! yes, her beloved offspring run the show--aunts, uncles, cousins, pets, babies, as long as they can sport a cummerbund and sequins, WE'LL USE EM ALL!

every dance has some type of theme, like "butterfly kisses" by meatloaf or "my heart will go on" from titanic. every dance has a leader in front, and this spot is (obviously) usually occupied by a grandchild. one time, jess reichman and i were lucky enough to be the leaders of GHOSTBUSTERS. white garbage bags and all, we rocked that dance (the running man being the base step).

my favorite steps are:
the "double 9": a type of running, turning hitchkick.
the axle: for this one, basically any jump in which one arm acts as a helicopter blade over your head could be considered an axle.
the stag is really good too. oh, if only i weren't to lazy to film and post myself doing all these steps...
other dance-specific phrases are good too, i.e. "second, fifth, second, COOL" and "pop-burst, pop-pop-burst" and "GRAB YOUR FOOT. AND HOP. IN A CIRCLE!"

ahhh and then there was tour. every year, after performing in dumps like the eldred elderly center and the timpview auditorium, we'd escape to the big stages of every amusement park in southern california. for a week we'd caravan from park to park, gracing them with our stellar song and dance. anyone remember the name of that haunted ship we'd visit? sweatiest, hungriest, funnest days of my whole life.

below are the lovely $5 costume pictures. i'm sorry there are so many but i simply couldn't resist. our required base clothing was white ballet shoes, white tights and a white leotard. i still remember the confusion when i went into danceworks asking for this. "white what???" i will refrain from identifying myself in each of these pictures, for obvious reasons. but i bet if you look closely you'll spot a whole bunch of ladies you know....

yes, they came to a point on the end. and is it me or is the girl on the top left 7 feet tall?

you know, from the nutcracker. only we performed it in may. note the white undergarments...treated oddly as normal garments.

uncle doug hobbled around as quasimodo for this one.

crushed velvet and sequins. i waited for YEARS to be in this dance.

finally, we've graduated to toast colored tights. over our white ones.

yes, ellery and i were the leaders who got to wear the special hats. our specific instructions were to "flunk the eyelashes."

yes i was a butterfly, prematurely put on pointe shoes. can you tell two on the left are? bahaha.

oh....there are no words. how mother? how could you let this happen to me???

but then i remember that it didn't stop with colleen. that bad costumes are simply something you have to deal with. like our lamanite costumes, shown below. i laughed for 12 minutes straight when i found this!!!
let it be known, we knew even then it was awful. some crazy photographer came and this is what happened.

it seems to have been the year of the crotch-frame. if you can get past my terrifying pose there in the middle, you will see me at the top middle, framing my crotch. half of me at least, the scanner wasn't big enough for this horrid thing. to do it full justice, you may have to enlarge the picture.

anyway, i'm sure i have now rambled sufficiently. if anyone's up for big show this spring, i'm so there.

Tuesday, 22 December 2009

silent stalkerz.

so i think it's a little strange how often i see people and they say, "hey i read your blog and...."
without ever commenting or letting me know that they are bloggeroggering too.
if you simply COMMENT or better yet, click 'FOLLOW' about one inch to the right of these words i can follow you too and we can be internet bffs.
all i'm asking is for a chance to stalk you back.
sound good? thanks everyone and happy holidays!

p.s. anyone seen my family's christmas card this year? we are really proud of mother for not repeating this.

Thursday, 17 December 2009

and the addy goes to...

i never want to watch this ever again. but i really hope you like it! happy finals being over!!!

Tuesday, 8 December 2009

levi's commercial shoot

so we're putting the finishing touches on one of our projects for my commercial productions class. i have been so excited to put it up on my bloggerr but it's taking foreeeever to get all the final editing done! i decided to give a sneak peek...

jameson's beard is FANTASTIC. it was a tragedy we had to hide it.

the lovely liz teran, everyone.

the infamous bear head

playing with our props

me getting serious with our director jake. he is amazing.

i'm sorry but few things in life make me happier than this photo.

the final product is on it's way. get excited :)

Monday, 30 November 2009

Friday, 20 November 2009

Dear Stephenie Meyer

i have a few things to say to you. since you probably read my blog.

i think it's really rude that you created something so horrible that i am so horribly unable to resist.
did i read every page of all 4 books? you bet i did. bought the 4th one on my 15 minute lunch break.
did i see the movie last night at the 9:30 screening? YOU BET.

i hate that your favorite band is muse.
i hate that edward is pale and has chest hair.
i hate that when your name comes up i spend twenty minutes trying to prove how much i hate you.
i hate that bella's vampchild is named RENESMEE. eaksfhhhhguhh the thought of it makes me cringe.
i hate that i love jacob black and his hot bod.
i hate it when people compare you to j.k. rowling.
i hate that a tiny, miniscule, inconsequential and basically nonexistent fraction of me is completely wrapped around your finger.

i hate that i just said hate 500 times.'s to starting to LOVE you. for everyone who has not seen NEW MOON, it truly was two of the most entertaining hours my life has ever known! bahahaha.
will you all hurry and see it so we can talk about it freely? i truly apologize for everyone sitting next to me. it was really hard not to ruin the movie for you.
when eclipse comes out i'll make sure to see it with someone like chelsey who, as evidenced by her blog title, shares my oh so charming cynicism...

oh also, my friend curtis showed me this little gem. sooo funny. enjoy!

Wednesday, 11 November 2009


so i went to FLORIDA over the weekend to visit my beautiful amiga katie and play with the married bfs.
we sat around, ate lots of food and acted like life wasn't happening. some of my favorite moments involved 'flying snoopy aces,' running on the beach at sunset and sitting on the side of the freeway for 3 hours when our 1993 dodge dakota broke down.
i also, as the only single, enjoyed carrying suitcases and groceries for people. apparently when you get married you forget how to do these things. just kidding girls, i love you :) someday my husband will be my slave too.

it was so much fun i didn't even take pictures! luckily, marie did. she is a great photographer and such a dear friend. if you want to see some white chicks in bathing suits, (and the AMAZING house we stayed at) you should look at them.
long live GT 2009!

Thursday, 29 October 2009

it's halloween, take off your clothes!

it's that time of year again. time for cougs to let out the inner sex kitty they are so unfairly asked to suppress.

remember last year?

hmmm. ridiculous how much changes in a year. last round involved greenwich, chocolate filled brazilian churros, green tights and some indie scenester club. (white heat anyone?)

this year will no doubt involve migrating from party to dance party. MY FAVORITE!! good people watching at least. anyway, just had to give another shout out to l-town. someday i'll stop i promise..

Thursday, 8 October 2009


most. heinous. thing. i. have. ever. seen.

i apologize if you know these the same time i think they should apologize to me for making me look at this.

Wednesday, 7 October 2009

so i think i can't dance anymore :(

ummm so this is slightly touching for my taste, but i got to dance tonight and i just needed to pay homage. i wrote this a bit ago for my writing class. sorry it's kind of long. and cheesy. but hey, proof i have a soul after all!

I wonder where this fits in to my life—or whether it does at all. Something that was once such a part of me now seems almost impossible to touch. Life is too cluttered with things that 'get me somewhere' to make room for something that makes me happy.
Once I overcome the insecurity and lame excuses, the 15-minute drive, the $10 fee, I'm here. Not sure I belong. Pretty sure everyone else agrees. The fact that I don't care makes them look at me differently though.
Sitting on the ground. Feeling its comforting pressure against me. Spreading every inch of my body onto its glorious surface, amazed again at how willing I am to let my hands, hair, face, everything relax in this filth. Years of stubborn calluses, dirty shoes and ‘traction spits’ have left their mark on this floor, massaged by hundreds of ambitious feet. In any other setting, this comes nowhere close to socially acceptable. But here, we understand. Here the ground is the zero from which we must build; the force our bodies work against.
The music begins and wordlessly we move. As the melody enters our ears it makes itself at home in our minds, leaving room for little else. With every movement, emotions that have struggled long to break free from their glass bottles within me are finally released into the air. I physically feel them go, making me freer with every second. Ironic that in this total absence of words my plaguing worries go free. Countless times I have tried to attach words to them, to construct out of words a rope by which they can escape. Words are supposedly my life—my eventual livelihood. Their insufficiency to perform in this moment mocks me.
It’s dim in here. All I see is my hair flowing around me, the outlines of bodies barely visible in my half closed eyes. We have no need in this moment for the security of 20/20 vision. When was this ever about security? All is feeling. The feeling of my muscles taut until the pain turns to heat. The feeling of an inexplicable connection uniting every part of me. Feelings so overwhelming I struggle to not acknowledge the tears. “You overdramatic little girl,” my mind says. Get over it. But the awe at how I could ever forget this reaction takes over. How could I forget how much I need this? No amount of growing up or getting somewhere can ever satiate this need.
I've tried to move on, thinking that leaving it behind will ease the pain of not being able to spend my life in it. But no matter where life tries to hide me, this nagging desire always catches up. Because it’s not something you do. It’s not something you play. It’s something you are. However embarrassingly my technique fades or my flexibility tightens, it's something I am and will always be. I will forever be a dancer.

Sunday, 4 October 2009

brace face.

it seems that lately i've seen an alarming number of people my age with braces, which evokes a huge amount of pity in my heart, which makes me think of the best 7 years of my life, which makes me cringe with insecurity, which inspired this shout out to all the brace faces out there.

(i googled 'bad teeth' and had to stop eating for a minute. so forgive me if this post is somewhat imageless)

remember this thing?

like stirrups for your mouth. and the doc is STILL trying to talk to you.

remember when you came to school for the first time after getting braces?
"wait let me see!!! oh, you look so...cute!"
the lies we told in 7th grade.

there were several tooth-related experiences i endured that i would like to pay devotion to.

1. the overlapper

by this i refer to when one 'vampire tooth' begins to grow over the other, without regard for the original 'vampire's' personal space, leaving you with two of the already-ugliest teeth of them all. i know vampires are in right now, but back then edward was still a figment of stephany myer's hormonal imagination.

2. the shark tooth.

two of the bottom teeth grow in BEHIND the original four, leaving you with two rows of teeth, just like our favorite animal. this can be solved by nothing short of having them pulled.
my mom was really excited about this one and no doubt started singing a shark-related primary song.

2. the lock and key aka HERBST

sorry michelley

this is an appliance involving two parts: giant metal plate on the roof of the mouth with 'key' for insertion. twisting key invokes large amounts of pain and does CRAZY things to your teeth. school and family pictures came at an unfortunate time that year.

3. the lip bumper

this contraption is somewhat explained in the above image. i still have no idea what it's purpose is, other than creating a cindy-lou-who effect on the wearer. i think i burned all evidence of my wearing it, but there used to be a picture on my fridge, which annie laughed at for a good 20 minutes every time she came over.

4. the 'banjo'

no torture in the history of the world can touch this. it was what inspired my nickname by the boys in my grade, BANJO. at one point i had so many rubber bands in my mouth i couldn't fit a skittle between my teeth. A SKITTLE!!!!!!!

anyway, i want to end on a positive note by giving a giant THANK YOU to anyone and everyone who contributed to the straightening of my teeth, without which i surely would have been cast out of society.

for anyone still enduring this tragedy, just remember, "only a few more months and we'll take them off!"

Tuesday, 22 September 2009

Tuesday, 15 September 2009


it's 11:09 pm.
i have a campaign due in 9 hours.
do we have a concept?
i will be up all night.
i never sleep. my eyes are constantly bloodshot.
i have developed bipolar disorder:
you like my idea? YEAHHHH!!!! wait, no you hate my idea. I AM A FAILURE.
every time i open my mouth all that comes out is hii'mrebbiei'mfromprovoi'minadvertising.
why am i doing this?
right now i have no idea.
i was looking through my idea journal today and realized how insane this is.
"women. men? middle aged. overweight lady. ice cream by vegetables"
"dungeons & dragons, ladie's deodorant and JULIA CHILDS."
"parking ticket=ticket to paradise!"
"anonymous is not an option"
"bathroom stall with no t.p."

don't ask.
i just realized my last post was about advertising.
welcome to my life. or lack thereof.

Wednesday, 2 September 2009

welcome to the creative track. we will now take over your life.

can you say....FRAZZLED?
3 days in and i'm contemplating hair school again. bahhhhhh.

p.s. i kind of miss my glasses :(

Sunday, 23 August 2009

the island

whoahhh it's been three weeks.
haven't you missed reading about my life???
what i've learned in this digital hiatus is that blogging is like exercise. if you take too long of a break, your first time back is filled with dread.
which is why i will now quit rambling and get to the point.
so. CAYMAN ISLANDS = perfection. i truly think those 7 days were the happiest i have ever spent on planet earth. since i put about 3,000 pictures on facebook i'll try to limit myself to a few here.

during our 3 hour layover in chicago, ker and vanessa thought it would be awesome to leave the airport and go explore the city. too bad i was raised by my dad and shot down that irresponsible idea the minute it was hatched. instead we spent 2 hours at an airport style macaroni grill.

why do we still attempt jumping pix? this was on 7 mile beach on the 'touristy' end of the island. those dang tourists are such a pain.

the house in our peaceful end of the island, Cayman Kai. the houses are all painted a different bright color, the one we stayed in being blue.

one of my favorite moments was our first sighting of the magical.

we found lots of friends in our bay. HUGE ones.

me being my emo self.

this started as an imitation of a cheesy photoshoot we saw in a magazine and ended up as a terrifying portrait of some really large thighs.
for some reason i look hot with these masks on, it's weird.
we took a boat ride out way past the reef, accompanied by some flying fish...crazy. i cannot believe how indescribably beautiful this water was. unfortunately this adventure brought me 12 STITCHES and a maxed out credit card. awesome.
the current was really strong out there, hence us holding onto the rope. i was swimming against it to get back on the boat but there were some pretty big swells. i was kicking my legs hard to stay afloat while taking off my snorkel mask and i got a little too close to the prop. as soon as i hit it i knew i was in trouble! ha i got on the boat quickly to evade the sharks and just sat there like , 'uhhh..i don't want to get your boat bloody.' i let vanessa do the screaming behind me :)

i'll save you the gory picture...this was the medical clinic (all 10 sq feet of it) where i was stitched up. by a woman who didn't seem to speak english...
her: "whan last time have tett ann iss?"
me: "yep..."
talker/translator/medical assistant who wore latex gloves to answer the phone at the main desk: " HAVE had a tetanus shot recently? or...."
ha. lovvve this one.
am i facing forward or backward? trickyyy!

so this is a somewhat horrible quality video... taken by someone over 40. never a good idea. haha but i needed to illustrate the terror and the enormity of the sting rays at stingray city. so freaky at first but by the end we loved holding them. so smooth underneath.

like any good vacation, it went way too fast and now seems like a dream. at least i have school to look forward to. 7 days baby. yeahhhh!!!

p.s. i move out tomorrow. so. dang. excited.

Saturday, 1 August 2009


the day has arrived!!!!

tomorrow me, kerali, vanessa and brienne will embark on an epic journey.
i've caught myself googling images of "cayman islands" probably 7 times at work this mind is already halfway there.
i can't wait to not use make up OR my brain for a whole seven days. my idea of heaven.
sooo grateful to brie for having a house there and for letting us mooch off all her family vacations! pictures to come.

Wednesday, 29 July 2009

only 17 1/2 more.

right now i just really really really need to talk to you. who's idea was this anyway?

Sunday, 19 July 2009

extreme makeover: rebster edition

so this week marks the end of a few eras. three, to be specific.
number one being: THE GLASSES ERA.

last thursday i underwent a little procedure known as LASIK or Laser Advanced Surgery for Interlaser Keratotomy. ok...that's actually probably not right, but something to that effect. for all those considering lasik, just listen to everyone else who tells you it is a breeze and not terrifying and skip this next bit.
of course i knew i was in amazing hands (my uncle corey miller did it, definitely recommend him) but the bottom line is....YOU'RE CUTTING MY EYEBALL! WHILE I'M AWAKE.
i had all these nice things planned out to think of, aka jason and jeanine's contemporary piece on sytycd or ed's short green shorts.
but alas, as i was sitting there "looking at the red light" the only thing i could think of was minority report. ughhhh.
i will say, it literally takes ten minutes and is the most amazingly worthwhile terrifying ten minutes i have ever spent.
for example, i went for a check up the next day and i have 20/15 vision. seriously? ahhh it is so beautiful to wake up, look out my window and just SEE. such an amazing blessing and i feel so incredibly lucky.
i also have these awesome plastic eye patches i get to wear at night.

one incredibly vain, yet bad thing is that i'm somewhat attached to my spectacles. i feel a little lost without them. would anyone think i'm a poser if i pop out the lenses and wear em? shoot, me too. it may come to that though. don't judge.

anyway, moving on. the end of an era numero dos is: THE SOCCER MOM ERA.
some people major in mfhd to prepare themselves for motherhood. i drove an expedition for 5 years.

(yep. it's the eddie bauer edition)
it has been my honor to drive this beautiful machine since i was the tender age of 16 and can i just say that while i was sheepish at times to be seen in her, she has been wonderful to me.
i might miss bouncing around in this clumsy thing, blasting unexpected tunes from her maternal speakers.
she has served us well on many a group outing and has come to be known as the expe, the green goblin, the beast, or the party bus.
one last thing i will miss is how many guys i got from this beast. obviously.
so farewell to you my long time friend! and hello to you...

i feel like i'm driving a ferari.

end of an era number three is: THE LONG HAIR ERA.
the few of you who have known me all my life know that i have had short hair one time. in 4th grade. aren't we glad it was just that one time?

(real live scrapbook excerpt. thank you chico for being a witness of the event)
i have loved having long hair but just been so so so so sick of it i can hardly stand it!
so i chopped 3 1/2 inches off.
mind you, my brother in law as well as my friend who cut it say it still is long. but i feel like i got a buzz.
there is nothing in the world i hate more than taking pictures of myself but i really had no choice. how do you like that cheeser smile eh??

jess (reichman) olthius did it and i definitely recommend her! she works at suggestions but will be switching to her parents incredible new home since they're putting in a lil' salon. her number is 801.380.3334 if you are interested!

(reichmans new home i get to watch be built daily)

anywayyyyy exciting week. i have had a lot of confusing moments where i go to grab my glasses or take out my contacts or get the wrong keys or pour 5 tablespoons of shampoo into my hand. it's been rough but i think i'll adjust :)

ohh and one beginning of an era. i joined a celtic band. yeah...more to come on that. ps isn't beirut the most beautiful music you ever heard?