Thursday, 4 December 2008

Ugghhhh this background makes me dizzy...

...but happy christmas from london town!

things are crazy around here lately. so many papers, so much left to do before we leave.

i think we're all getting ready to be home again. honestly i don't think i could ever get tired of the city but the program is getting old. no one should ever be made to live in this close proximity to his or her professors.

isn't this the cutest car? i took this on portobello the other i will miss that place.

primary program was on sunday. the little devils actually shaped up for it and were ridiculously cute. check out my favorite, dennis, on the right. his facial expressions kill me. i have this weird fetish with graffiti. why or how anyone tagged a subway i have no idea. can anyone read it? looks like tris to me.

the other night we cut out snowflakes and listened to christmas music! yay. i'm going to be so lonely at home without these girls :(

my personal favorite, georgey poo. they loooove him here.

oh...guess who's inside? THE QUEEN!!!! she looked so angry. come on, what does she have to be mad about? the other day the paper talked about how she had to wear the same coat she had two years ago and how she's really feeling the credit crunch. boooo hoo you've got more ice on that crown than probably any rap artist in the united states has ever seen

mandatory self portrait. gotta love it.

we walked by leicester square when they were setting up for the premiere. it was 11 am and there were already girls in line. it started at 6 pm. seriously?
i've become quite the twilight hater.....probably more so because even though i hate them i READ EVERY PAGE!!! ahhhh. i won't get started on that subject...just don't compare her to j.k. rowling, that really sets me off.

remember how he's supposed to be the most gorgeous man in the world and i always pictured him ugly??!! always! jacob is tan, hot, and he has a personality!

remember how i just said i wouldn't get started...

sorry for the random post. my brain is all over the place these days. we're going to the london temple tomorrow. yay.

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Alex said...

You+me-$1.00+Edward Cullen=Best GNO ever!

(GNO=girls' night out)