Monday, 8 December 2008

Ode to the Spanish Branch

every week i read in the paper about the latest shooting or stabbing taking place where??

so with fear and trepidation i set out to the end of the northern line, to kennington, to the peckham chapel

note the broken windows please

scenic yard space


(credit for these pictures goes to alex, who took them since she shares the peckham joy)

after the first week at church i never thought i'd say this but....i'm going to miss this place

i will miss alicia the primary president and how we sometimes are forced to communicate via the 5 year old in our primary who speaks better english & spanish then we do

i will miss translating for jason, the boy who speaks no spanish but comes to church with his friend douglas

i will miss johnny rodriguez, the adorably righteous 8 year old who i secretly wish i could marry

i will NOT miss the fact that sometimes (as in yesterday, fast sunday) we get out 30 minutes late

i will miss the way this odd assortment of people from every background, that speak 3 languages, in all different accents, somehow joins together to serve each other and worship the savior

here is a little video i took..i asked laura if she knew about noah and this was her response...

muchas gracias para todo, mis amigos.


Alex said...

I don't think these pictures do Kennington justice. Granted I was taking them very fast because I thought if anyone would see my shiny camera I would get jumped, robbed and plunged.
Gotta love the ghetto fabulousness of Kennington.

Brandon and Katie said...

Rebsta!!!! I love you. When do you get home? I won't be home for christmas... you can't count on me. There won't be snow, but perhaps some mistletoe & presents under the tree. Just imagine me singing that to you, crying of course, with goosebumps. :) haha I am going to Utah tomorrow until Sunday. Please tell me you get home tomorrow or Saturday!!! Please Please Please! Reich called me and told me that Mallory is going to........ MACON, GEORGIA! Oh how Macon has come to bring us such fond memories. We will visit someday. I just know it. Anyway, I want to see you so bad and just laugh with you and be with you. So come visit me on your way home in Florida. LOVE YOU MACON!

Brandon and Katie said...

p.s. sorry for the novel. once my fingers start going they sometimes don't like to stop. but i'll stop now. muah!