Wednesday, 31 December 2008

so lonely.

being home is weird.
it's sooo great to see all my friends and family here but it just feels sort of strange.
i think i've slightly been in my own little world for the past few months and i'm not ready to get out of it.
it used to never matter what i looked like or what i did. i did whatever i felt like...
boys? how do i act around them? ahhhh how i love and hate them.
part of me loves going out and being all social but there is something about it that feels so superficial, isn't there?
i would so much rather have a meaningful conversation with a few people i'm close to. guy, girl, friend, boyfriend, i don't care as long as it's real.
i guess i need a new name for my blog eh? like...lyfe in the 84604? laaamme.
i'm living at home with the parents now. i need my 40 roomies...
remember how i forgot how to make decisions when i went to london?
i feel like i've been living in a dream.
welcome to the real world rebstahh. boooo!!

this has nothing to do with anything but it makes me happy :)

Tuesday, 23 December 2008

The only bad thing about Christmas...

is the christmas card my mom always sends out. ahhhh!!!!
every year i ask timidly..'mom, what is the christmas card this year?'
'oh, i already did it. would you like to see?'
'ummmm yeah i guess...'

this is the picture of me she used this year.

at least i look down to earth right?

Sunday, 14 December 2008

The only thing i won't miss.

other than this i have no idea how to handle leaving this place. 

Friday, 12 December 2008

somehow i don't think provo can compare...

10 amazing things i've done in the past 10 days

1. visited the preston england temple

london fall 2008 could possibly be summed up in one word: SCAFFOLDING.

2. traveled to stratford to see the rsc perform ROMEO AND JULIET. AHHH

wherefore art thou romeo??? he's on the right. he was so perfectly whiny and immature.

we SPRINTED back to the train after the show was over. a terrifying awakening to how out of shape we are. we got home at 2:30 am, after leaving the centre at 7 am that morning for the temple....bah

3. saw sir derek jacobi in twelfth night

there he is gettin down at his boy sir ian mckellen's surprise b day bash. thank you google.

4. went crazy on oxford street...the fact that everything costs 1.5 as much somehow doesn't phase me anymore.

so festive!

topshop = heaven on earth. worldly heaven, but heaven still.

primark = hell on earth. but dresses for 5 pounds are somehow worth it.

5. saw the lighting of the HUGE norwegian christmas tree in trafalgar square

this place is magic.

6. FINISHED MY WOMAN QUESTION AND SHAKESPEARE FINALS!!! never ever again will i think about fanny burney or which women had to do with of the crimean war or which other woman scorned marriage and became something cool. enough with women!! i've had nothing but women for the past 3 1/2 months!!
curse you mary wollstonecraft! i mean what did women's rights ever do for me?

7. saw war horse at the national theatre...on the front row...for 10 pounds.

i can't even explain this....they use the horse as a puppet but it's so amazing you forget it's not real. it's about WWI and horses and love and i never thought i would cry about the relationship between man and mammal.

8. oh yeah. the other night i saw nicole kidman, hugh jackman and elton john. no big deal...

so pretty

so this random sedan pulls up and out of nowhere pops elton john. he looks badddd. kind of troll like. his boo didn't seem to mind though. yuck.

9. went ice skating in hyde park! it was pure joy. for those of you who know me well know what a big deal this is

the market outside the skating rink
burnt marshmallow hats.

10. saw the rsc perform HAMLET. oh my goodness....there are no words.
unfortunately david tennant hurt his back :( so rude of him
instead i saw edward bennet who really was amazing.
and luckily, this studmuffin was claudius. surprisingly not too impressive..he didn't really play it any certain way. but come on, how can you not be wowed by professor xavier?

this was the view from my seat. seriously? pretty theatre though right...haha i had to contort my body in the most awkward position in order to see. no joke i was sore afterwards. i paid 5 POUNDS though. best deal of my life.

how will i ever watch theatre again? i have been spoiled for life.

now it's 11:15 and i'm blogging (for those who didn't realize). have i studied for my religion final tomorrow morning at 9? not one bit.

i get to see shelly and the parentals tomorrow. happiness.

Monday, 8 December 2008

Ode to the Spanish Branch

every week i read in the paper about the latest shooting or stabbing taking place where??

so with fear and trepidation i set out to the end of the northern line, to kennington, to the peckham chapel

note the broken windows please

scenic yard space


(credit for these pictures goes to alex, who took them since she shares the peckham joy)

after the first week at church i never thought i'd say this but....i'm going to miss this place

i will miss alicia the primary president and how we sometimes are forced to communicate via the 5 year old in our primary who speaks better english & spanish then we do

i will miss translating for jason, the boy who speaks no spanish but comes to church with his friend douglas

i will miss johnny rodriguez, the adorably righteous 8 year old who i secretly wish i could marry

i will NOT miss the fact that sometimes (as in yesterday, fast sunday) we get out 30 minutes late

i will miss the way this odd assortment of people from every background, that speak 3 languages, in all different accents, somehow joins together to serve each other and worship the savior

here is a little video i took..i asked laura if she knew about noah and this was her response...

muchas gracias para todo, mis amigos.

Thursday, 4 December 2008

Ugghhhh this background makes me dizzy...

...but happy christmas from london town!

things are crazy around here lately. so many papers, so much left to do before we leave.

i think we're all getting ready to be home again. honestly i don't think i could ever get tired of the city but the program is getting old. no one should ever be made to live in this close proximity to his or her professors.

isn't this the cutest car? i took this on portobello the other i will miss that place.

primary program was on sunday. the little devils actually shaped up for it and were ridiculously cute. check out my favorite, dennis, on the right. his facial expressions kill me. i have this weird fetish with graffiti. why or how anyone tagged a subway i have no idea. can anyone read it? looks like tris to me.

the other night we cut out snowflakes and listened to christmas music! yay. i'm going to be so lonely at home without these girls :(

my personal favorite, georgey poo. they loooove him here.

oh...guess who's inside? THE QUEEN!!!! she looked so angry. come on, what does she have to be mad about? the other day the paper talked about how she had to wear the same coat she had two years ago and how she's really feeling the credit crunch. boooo hoo you've got more ice on that crown than probably any rap artist in the united states has ever seen

mandatory self portrait. gotta love it.

we walked by leicester square when they were setting up for the premiere. it was 11 am and there were already girls in line. it started at 6 pm. seriously?
i've become quite the twilight hater.....probably more so because even though i hate them i READ EVERY PAGE!!! ahhhh. i won't get started on that subject...just don't compare her to j.k. rowling, that really sets me off.

remember how he's supposed to be the most gorgeous man in the world and i always pictured him ugly??!! always! jacob is tan, hot, and he has a personality!

remember how i just said i wouldn't get started...

sorry for the random post. my brain is all over the place these days. we're going to the london temple tomorrow. yay.