Sunday, 16 November 2008

Yet another week of Slavery.

So this week marked our 2nd and FINAL week of subjugation to the only remaining, legal form of slavery in the modern world: KITCHEN KREW. Here's about how it goes.
  • Get up at the crack of dawn and set up breakfast. Oh except that one day no one woke up and we almost had our limbs amputated.....ha ha
  • Clean everyone's dishes.
  • Get done with class at 2 pm.
  • Clean more dishes.
  • You then have 1 1/3 glorious hours of freedom until you must return at 4 pm to cook more food.
  • Your only comfort is the food you eat like a savage in 10 minutes flat.
  • Back to the dishes for another hour or more.
  • Continue process for a week. bahhhhh.
Luckily we started incorporating Sabra the iPod + speakers, which turned things into a downright party.

Slave child puts dishes in dumb waiter.

Slave children cook massive amounts of food.
Slave children find terrifying weapons in kitchen.
Slave children gather around Hobart. The most frustrating of the two males in our lives. He only turns on when Slaves resort to violence.
(Note: the crazed look in my eyes is due to the 10-second timer, which always inflicts panic)

Also this week I.....
Saw the changing of the guard
Highly anticlimactic...
Went to Little Venice
Got lost in the perfect secludedness (is that a word) of Hampstead
and Holland Park...

Reenacted what else...THE 3RD TASK of the Triwizard Tournament in the maze at Hampton Court

Launched my modeling career also at Hampton Court.

Discovered this amazing Spoon Me-esque place. Ridiculously more expensive, but wayyy better. I mean if there's any question it's gonna be snogging over spooning right?

And my personal favorite.....

Um. That is Google's really lame picture of STOMP. Blew my freaking mind. Best 10 pounds I've ever spent!

Sorry for the incredibly long and somewhat boring post. Please forgive. Also...guess who's going to Paris in the manana?? That's right. I'm SO EXCITED A;SDLKJFA;LSDKJF.


Kristen said...

oh my gosh, can i tell you why i love this post?
-kitchen crew was nearly the death of me (we named him bart)
-hampstead heath was one of, if not the most amazing place ever
-holland park is a close second
-we didnt do a good enough of job at kitchen crew one time and got pulled out of class to finish.

so funny, so jealous of you :(


Kellee Marie said...

I agree with Kristen. also:
-kitchen crew is ten times better with music. it makes it all go over much faster.
-hampstead heath = amazing
-holland park- one of my favorite parks! I went there alone and just strolled through that great little park.
-We also reinacted the triwizard tournament.

love you. love london.

Annie Grow said...

Won't you ever come back? I need my Rebbsta!!

Brienne said...

REBBIE!!!! how did I forget that you were in Paris at the same time I was?? I think you're still there and I hope that you're loving it more than life because I did! Love you and your sexy pictures