Thursday, 27 November 2008

Touching Thanksgiving Post.

HAPPY THANKSGIVING!!! Today has been a lovely day here in London Town.

We had high tea (mormon style) at The Orangery in Kensington Gardens.

It was all fun and games until this pigeon decided to land on my head right before Brookie took the picture. Can you see the look of terror on my face???? AHHHH I love this so much.

Then we went on a Primark run and came home to a yummmmmy Thanksgiving dinner

I just wanted to express my gratitude for the amazing and life-changing experiences I've had here. Every night I go to bed and cannot believe this is my life! It has FLOWN by but i've been grateful for every day of it. I also wanted to give some of the cool people in my life a shout out. So here you are: Sorry if this gets long or cheeseball...

SHELLY BAGGERS: for sharing half my brain and being my bff
MAMA DEAR: for spreading love wherever you go
TURBO POPS: your example of hard work and humility
AIMS: being perfect and yet still so much fun
JEFF: will you teach me how to make everyone like me too?
DAVE: for adding wittiness to every situation
LAUREN: for always telling me to follow my dreams
TODDY: for being christlike enough to sport parted hair months after the mish. ha ha
ROSE: for bringing out the best in everyone around you

ANNIE: being the person i can be completely me around
KWATER: your unbelievable OPTIMISM and oh how you make me laugh
REICHER: for shaping my life since we were 4 YEARS OLD
ROIE: your example of faith and how we still have inside jokes from kindergarten
KELLIE BELLS: I so envy your confidence & out going-ness. Also for staying single with me :)
BRIENNE: for getting me through freshman year...and every year since
KER BEAR: your loyalty and your craziness that always makes me happy
ANNABELLE: for brightening every moment spent with you
VANESSA: for your selfless way of making everyone feel like the most important person on earth
BETS: oh la zorrita de mi corazon. gracias por comprando mi vida y comiendo los p b y jotas en la biblioteca y todos los cosas que nos queremos juntos.
JOHN: for being accepting of everyone and everything...also for the hand motions and the 17,000 gigs of music.

BROOKIE: for putting up with every object that falls from my bed onto your head
ALEX: for making any situation entertaining & your amazing generosity
MARIN: your poetry, how it speaks to my soul!!!
LAUREN: for introducing me to lol cats
JORDYN: for putting up with my pantslessness in paris and letting me share the nacho fiesta bed
SARA: for amazing me with your tripping skills
LAUREN C: for being the sweetest thing in the east
BECKY for introducing me to taza and husband...i take that back, just husband
ALISON: for being someone that everyone wants to be around everyday
HOLLI: for sharing the magic of the spanish branch...
ANNA: for entering into the mysterious world of the magician with me
HAILEE: being so yourself and so naturally beautiful

Ummmm so I'm sure I forgot someone and I'm going to feel awful about if it's you i'm sorry! I feel like the luckiest girl in the world these days. I also feel like this is getting a little too heartfelt for my taste of blogging. Hope everyone had an amazing day! Love and miss you all in the glorious u.s. of a.


jrHolman said...

thanks for the shout out. thank you for saying something to me when i wore the "ok go" shirt to Mr. Teacher's class all those years ago. I am also thankful that you were still friends after me not knowing your name (yikes).

Also, you are welcome for everything. I am happy that you are happy and I will still wish you all the best. To tell you the truth I sat on my hands after reading your comment, I wasn't making hand motions at the time, but I just get self-conscious about it sometimes.

oh and I almost forgot, thank you for Imogen Heap. That night was one of the funnest of my life. thank you!

betsy b said...

you are the sweetest thing ever.


you are so welcome for buying your life. hahahaha.
me encanta tu espaƱol.

i'm grateful for you for a million and ten reasons. where do i begin?

i have a list of one million things in my brain of why i am thankful for you.

but today i will just give you one:

ha ha. it's vague. but so true.

Brandon and Katie said...

OH MY MACON!!! Am I really optimistic? Thanks sweetie pie pumpkin face. I love and miss you sooooooooooo much! I was with Anne a couple days ago and we were just talkin about how much we miss our amazing rebb. You're the only wedding I will come back to. only you! :) I'm so happy that you're having the time of your life. You deserve it girlfriend. HAPPY THANKSGIVING!!!! it was a happy one until I got pulled over for crossing the double white lines in the car pool lane to get off the exit to go to brandon's grandparents house for a scrumptious thanksgiving feast!! oh how i despise cops. but i love you!! MUAH!

kerali said...

Rebbicita! I love your little clever comments all the time. I must say how jealous I am of Europe. I want you back in boring old Provo. Also, I love you! And I want you to know that you bring out the crazy in me. Without you, I'm just hyper and my new roommates don't know what to do with would just play along.

Kylie said...

REBBIE! i am vicariously living through your life in 27 palace court, wishing i was still there. i miss you!

Todd, Rose and Emy said...

Rebbie!! You are the best! I missssss you and can not wait to hear all about everything when we have late night talks at Christmas time. I am grateful for you as well because you inspire me. I always want to be better after I talk to you! Love Ya!

Alex said...


You are a beauty on the inside and out, especially when you wear your hair in the mulan bun on the top of your head and have your retainer in. (I might like you the best that way) But you have the most genuine personality that can make anyone around you laugh until they cry, or cry until they laugh.

That's probably why you have eight hundred friends.

I love you wildcat.

Lauren said...

oh rebbie this was the best thanksgiving blog i have ever read, well the only thanksgiving blog i have ever read, but i know that it would be the best!

thanks for adding me in there! i am so glad we are friends!

Cason and Marie said...

Thanks for that nice comment! I love how you still call me Roie. That's ONE of my favorite things about you!! Oh Rebb, how I miss you! I hope you are having so much fun and I'm sure you are experiencing so much! Love you!

Anna said...

I'm being a total creep right now and stalking your blog with you right next to me in this infernal "library"...but all I have to say is.......LET ZE MAGIC BEGIN! Okay magicita?!!

Also, let's make Ted the dinosaur disappear. I'm not thankful for that.

Or am I???!!!?

Kellee Marie said...

I'm thankful for reb and our singleness!! we're making the funnest times out of our college lyfe!! I can't wait to play with you when you are back in p town but live it up for the both of us this next month!!