Monday, 10 November 2008

Scholastic Blogging instead of homework?

So....I've been procrastinating my homework for about an hour now and I figure I should do something constructive with this time right? So I will blog to the 0 people who read this haha.
Can I give you a rundown of school here? Basically can be summed up in one magnificent word: WIKIPEDIA. They teach from it, we spit it right back at 'em. Glorious. No really though I have learned a lot...just not in the same ways I might have in Provo :) The choice of Professors is quite interesting....

#1- Dr. Danette Paul (aka D PAUL)
Where do I begin? So sweet, mid-thirties, single, dyslexic? Ahhhh I'm a terrible person but it is impossible to understand what she's trying to say when she teaches. You'd think she would have taken this into account when choosing a career... My friend's name is MARIN. She calls her MARTIN. Not one time, repeatedly. Apparently Dyslexia affects gender interpretation now as well???

#2- Dr Wimmer (aka G DUB)
We call him Grandpa Wimmer.... behind closed doors, and sometimes mistakenly to his face. Sweetest Grandpa of a teacher you ever had. Been here 4 times & therefore understands how to teach--we watch history movies each saturday morning for our class assignment.

#3-Pat Wimmer (aka P WIM)
G Dub's wife and the reason we are terrified of every minute spent in Kitchen Kru.

#4-Professor Benfell (PRO BENF? ok that one's gay)
Program Director. Early forties maybe, here with his whole family. So intelligent, cultured and not all stricty byu-ish. Like him a lot.

Jeff told me I should put up pictures of my favorite ads? Here you go. First thing I saw when I got off the tube:

The copy underneath says 'leave the cleavage to the ladies.' ahhh i laughed so hard. There's another one for Muffin Tops and another for Bingo Wings (aka relief society arms--don't we love them)

My other favorite ad involves David Beckham and I'd post it but he's not exactly modestly I'll leave you to your imagination for that one :)

Well I guess I can't put off the inevitable forever. Time to study. Hasta luego mi amor.


holli hale said...

love your faculty analysis. And you'll never know what it meant to me to open your page to hearing "Think about it." What's wrong with the world today, rebsta??

Anonymous said...

Rebbie! Hi how are you! Okay so i was reading about all your funny and interesting professers. The wimmers are my cousin Taylers grandparents! What a small world! Anyway hope you are having so much fun out there!

Brienne said...

Reb I´m sure you have more readers than most blogs I know with your encapturing writing! haha Seriously though. Love to read it always. And Britt and I had a little photo shoot in a park today and I thought of you!

Todd, Rose and Emy said...

I think that there always has to be weird faculty there just make the students remember that they are somewhat in school. I think that ad was there when I was...a classic wouldn't you say? One of the clean elegant ones. Don't do homework... :)

Lauren said...

you need to change pro-benf's name to baby v since there was a consensus that was more fitting. and more scandalous.