Tuesday, 25 November 2008

I wish I still was a dancing queen....

Ok first of all can I apologize for that HUGE picture of me that was up the past few days!  I promise i'm not obsessed with myself....it wouldn't go smaller and then my internet wouldn't let me access my bloggerogger to change it.  What an anxious and embarrassing 2 days.

so yesterday i saw MAMMA MIA...wanna know who i saw it with?

yo quiero mi amiga betsita! 
thank you for coming to visit me (and your sis)

the show was fantastic!!! imagine hundreds of people up on their feet singing dancing queen at the top of their lungs.  my favorite was the old lady with breasts down to her navel...sorry if that was graphic..

we started sitting in one of the boxes on the side but we snuck down to the 3rd row! wa ha ha. we were surrounded by old rich people and it was awesome.

it made me miss dancing so much though :( :( :( :(
why can't i just give it up already?
why isn't there anything that makes me as happy?

guess what else makes me want to dance?

pretty sure i pretend to hate every one of her songs the first time i hear it and then i can't get enough!!  bah.  

if you haven't seen the single ladies video yet, please click here now:

if only i could marry a man like jay-z and make 192 million pounds a year...someday.  just you wait.


Brienne said...

yay!!! i´m so glad that you got to see it!!! I loved it!!! and definitely went through the same depression. but don´t worry...be happy!! or so they say! haha love you and betsy! wish i could have been there too!

betsy b said...


you are the sweetest thing ever. honey just wait til you see our mamma mia pics.

i'm sooo glad we could see it together. it was the bomb. that lady was the breast actress there for sure, don't you think?

brie, i love you too! wish you were here...