Wednesday, 5 November 2008

I Caru Ffrind and Gwleidyddiaeth.

That's Welsh for I love friends and politics. I decided the whole Spanish thing wasn't working out so I'd learn Welsh instead. Seriously though, we've been in Wales the last two days and the language is INSANE. For example:
The first day there we went down into a coal mine, hard hats and all! Exciting stuff everyone. We sang 'How Great Thou Art' in the mineshaft, converting tourists and miners right and left.

Embarrassing story for the week: (has it come to that-weekly?) We went to some Welsh Historical Outdoor something...none of us really knew where or why we were there but it was really pretty. I had to use the handicapped restroom since the Women's was out of order. I go to flush it and I see this long red string dangling from the ceiling. Naturally what you'd pull to flush the toilet right? WRONG. Right as I pulled it things turned all slow-mo on me. Red flashing lights everywhere, sirens going off and the REAL toilet flusher-handle staring me in the face. Man I ran out of there as fast as I could, only to find a handful of old Welshman hobbling briskly to the bathroom and my friends waiting with smiles on their faces. Good one me.
Senior Pics by the Train
Atop Malvern Hill, where Wilford Woodruff & Spencer W. Kimball came. You can't tell but the view was AMAZING.

Senior Pics at Tintern Abbey.
It was so breathtaking here...abandoned and perfect.

And... look who it is!! We had such a fun weekend although the conditions were far from perfect. The weather was no bueno pero estaba bien.

Brie and Brittney came to see me (and London I guess) and it was so great to see their smiling faces! Love you guys :)
Welp. It's happened. They love him here... But YAY FOR PROP 8 RIGHT? There are some extremely feisty, politically minded chicas here. Have to be careful with what you say. Anyway...yay for America and Wales and Friends. Adios for now.


Alex said...

I very much appreciate your shout-out to the proud Welsh race (such as I) but the title of your blog looks more like your fingers got drunk on the home-row of the keyboard.

Kellee Marie said...

I loved big pit and tintern abbey!!!