Thursday, 13 November 2008

Friends...Countrymen...PROVO-ITES! I just have to say this. WHAT'S SO WRONG WITH BEING FROM PROVO? In the first place, do people think we had any say in the matter? People treat you like some sort of alien species that has never come in contact with anything besides white mormon folk....ok so maybe sometimes it's true :) But does that mean we are incapable of understanding anyone else? BAHHH it bugs me so bad.
Today on the tube I was telling one of the girls how church has been a bit of a struggle. She says, "Wait....where are you from?" (THE DREADED QUESTION) so I respond "Provo." To which she replies, with an 'i'm more cultured and well-rounded than you' look in here eye, "Oh....that would be hard then." Oh...thank you! Thank you for your understanding. Since no one has trials in Provo, yes I see where you're coming from. THE REASON IT'S HARD IS BECAUSE I NO ESPEAK THEIR LANGUAGE OK ZORRITA? bahhhh it bugged. Must we endure this persecution forever? This is just one of many experiences I've had and I know you fellow Provo-ites have all had them too! Maybe I'm oversensitive because I've always felt secretly guilty I got to enjoy my relatively blissful youth in the land of flowing milk and honey. I'd like to think I'd still be the same person had I grown up somewhere else though...
Anyway, just thought I'd give a shoutout to all the Provo-folk who've always felt they had to defend their roots. I say to H-E-double-hockey-sticks with the p-town haters. PROVO PRYDE FOREVER.


holli hale said...

um... love the picture.

Never be ashamed of who you are or where you come from Rebsta!!!

alison said...

as a fellow utahn, i feel your pain.
(but not to the same extent. i mean, i'm from sojo. i have some credibility.) (lie)

i'm at a loss at how to conclude this awkward comment.
woooooooo! provo! yeaaaaaah!

Jordyn Canady said...

Don't worry Rebbie I know you're cultured and know about the secular things of the world, like hard drugs and Chris Brown. What I'd like to know is who were you talking to on the Tube? Can we put her hand in warm water while she sleeps?

Cason and Marie said...

hahaha love that picture!!! Thank you for that post Rebb. I feel ya. I hate when people rag on Provo. Get a life huh?!

Alex said...

Hey I hail from the 'vo and I dig homez!

The best thing about provo is that I can say things like that and not get shot. Plus where else would rebbie-cita be the name of a white blonde girl?
Rep the P-town pride.

Sara said...

haha! I love the picture and I agree!

Anna said...

I'm right across the way from Alison's SoJo (?) in Sandy, only a 45 minute jaunt from Provo.

Utah is the bomb.
Eat it or beat it.
You embrace magic tricks and side ponytails (twinners?)

I agree with Jordan. Whipping cream gag?

Lauren said...

I feel as if I can't succeed at outdoing the cleverness of the comments that have come before mine. (but you should try and diagram that sentence and see if it makes sense). I love you, and provo by extension because it produced you. k I'm done now.

Brienne said...

haha I am once again reminded why I love you and why we're such good friends. And I have definitely shared your anguish. People should lay off the p-towners and face their jealousy.