Thursday, 27 November 2008

Touching Thanksgiving Post.

HAPPY THANKSGIVING!!! Today has been a lovely day here in London Town.

We had high tea (mormon style) at The Orangery in Kensington Gardens.

It was all fun and games until this pigeon decided to land on my head right before Brookie took the picture. Can you see the look of terror on my face???? AHHHH I love this so much.

Then we went on a Primark run and came home to a yummmmmy Thanksgiving dinner

I just wanted to express my gratitude for the amazing and life-changing experiences I've had here. Every night I go to bed and cannot believe this is my life! It has FLOWN by but i've been grateful for every day of it. I also wanted to give some of the cool people in my life a shout out. So here you are: Sorry if this gets long or cheeseball...

SHELLY BAGGERS: for sharing half my brain and being my bff
MAMA DEAR: for spreading love wherever you go
TURBO POPS: your example of hard work and humility
AIMS: being perfect and yet still so much fun
JEFF: will you teach me how to make everyone like me too?
DAVE: for adding wittiness to every situation
LAUREN: for always telling me to follow my dreams
TODDY: for being christlike enough to sport parted hair months after the mish. ha ha
ROSE: for bringing out the best in everyone around you

ANNIE: being the person i can be completely me around
KWATER: your unbelievable OPTIMISM and oh how you make me laugh
REICHER: for shaping my life since we were 4 YEARS OLD
ROIE: your example of faith and how we still have inside jokes from kindergarten
KELLIE BELLS: I so envy your confidence & out going-ness. Also for staying single with me :)
BRIENNE: for getting me through freshman year...and every year since
KER BEAR: your loyalty and your craziness that always makes me happy
ANNABELLE: for brightening every moment spent with you
VANESSA: for your selfless way of making everyone feel like the most important person on earth
BETS: oh la zorrita de mi corazon. gracias por comprando mi vida y comiendo los p b y jotas en la biblioteca y todos los cosas que nos queremos juntos.
JOHN: for being accepting of everyone and everything...also for the hand motions and the 17,000 gigs of music.

BROOKIE: for putting up with every object that falls from my bed onto your head
ALEX: for making any situation entertaining & your amazing generosity
MARIN: your poetry, how it speaks to my soul!!!
LAUREN: for introducing me to lol cats
JORDYN: for putting up with my pantslessness in paris and letting me share the nacho fiesta bed
SARA: for amazing me with your tripping skills
LAUREN C: for being the sweetest thing in the east
BECKY for introducing me to taza and husband...i take that back, just husband
ALISON: for being someone that everyone wants to be around everyday
HOLLI: for sharing the magic of the spanish branch...
ANNA: for entering into the mysterious world of the magician with me
HAILEE: being so yourself and so naturally beautiful

Ummmm so I'm sure I forgot someone and I'm going to feel awful about if it's you i'm sorry! I feel like the luckiest girl in the world these days. I also feel like this is getting a little too heartfelt for my taste of blogging. Hope everyone had an amazing day! Love and miss you all in the glorious u.s. of a.

Tuesday, 25 November 2008

I wish I still was a dancing queen....

Ok first of all can I apologize for that HUGE picture of me that was up the past few days!  I promise i'm not obsessed with wouldn't go smaller and then my internet wouldn't let me access my bloggerogger to change it.  What an anxious and embarrassing 2 days.

so yesterday i saw MAMMA MIA...wanna know who i saw it with?

yo quiero mi amiga betsita! 
thank you for coming to visit me (and your sis)

the show was fantastic!!! imagine hundreds of people up on their feet singing dancing queen at the top of their lungs.  my favorite was the old lady with breasts down to her navel...sorry if that was graphic..

we started sitting in one of the boxes on the side but we snuck down to the 3rd row! wa ha ha. we were surrounded by old rich people and it was awesome.

it made me miss dancing so much though :( :( :( :(
why can't i just give it up already?
why isn't there anything that makes me as happy?

guess what else makes me want to dance?

pretty sure i pretend to hate every one of her songs the first time i hear it and then i can't get enough!!  bah.  

if you haven't seen the single ladies video yet, please click here now:

if only i could marry a man like jay-z and make 192 million pounds a year...someday.  just you wait.

Saturday, 22 November 2008

Oui Oui Paris!!

"It was the best of times, it was the worst of times."

Thank you Charles Dickens for summarizing the 5 days just spent in PARIS. Don't get me wrong--I had some of the most amazing experiences of my life! But I also don't think I've ever been so completely EXHAUSTED OUT OF MY MIND. Here are 10 magical moments I had:

First time I set eyes on our ho(s)tel room
Painful auschwitz beds with no sheets and one blanket. Jordyn got the nacho fiesta comforter

Seeing the Eiffel real life. And then when it started sparkling
Being a hunchback at Notre Dame Cathedral
LOUVRE. Words cannot explain...but i'll try
After hours and hours of walking, we stumble into the courtyard. Greeted by complete, magical silence. Anna and I linked arms, listened to la vie en rose and wished for men.
Ate fluffy french cheesecake in the park by the eiffel tower. See the remains of my fork in my hand? I got a little to excited....
Sat at the pond between the louvre and the ferris wheel and contemplated the meaning of life
Ate an ouef/jambon/fromage/tomate/oignon/salade crepe on the mouffetard.

le sacre couer. The jamaican men who tried to rope us (literally-ba ha ha) into buying their ghetto hemp bracelets. "Hakunamatata. I no charge you anything." liars.
Seeing van gogh at the musee d'orsay. I couldn't stop looking at this. Everything in these two rooms was just...unbelievable.
Eating my weight in chocolat and chantilly cream on the champs elysses. I wish I could say this was the worst it got....Sara likened me unto a child on its 1st birthday :(
Is it me or do half of these have to do with food? Embarrassing....anyway, here are more fun pix. I hate when people call them pix.

notre damehall of mirrors anyone?
still not sure how this happened

Sunday, 16 November 2008

Yet another week of Slavery.

So this week marked our 2nd and FINAL week of subjugation to the only remaining, legal form of slavery in the modern world: KITCHEN KREW. Here's about how it goes.
  • Get up at the crack of dawn and set up breakfast. Oh except that one day no one woke up and we almost had our limbs amputated.....ha ha
  • Clean everyone's dishes.
  • Get done with class at 2 pm.
  • Clean more dishes.
  • You then have 1 1/3 glorious hours of freedom until you must return at 4 pm to cook more food.
  • Your only comfort is the food you eat like a savage in 10 minutes flat.
  • Back to the dishes for another hour or more.
  • Continue process for a week. bahhhhh.
Luckily we started incorporating Sabra the iPod + speakers, which turned things into a downright party.

Slave child puts dishes in dumb waiter.

Slave children cook massive amounts of food.
Slave children find terrifying weapons in kitchen.
Slave children gather around Hobart. The most frustrating of the two males in our lives. He only turns on when Slaves resort to violence.
(Note: the crazed look in my eyes is due to the 10-second timer, which always inflicts panic)

Also this week I.....
Saw the changing of the guard
Highly anticlimactic...
Went to Little Venice
Got lost in the perfect secludedness (is that a word) of Hampstead
and Holland Park...

Reenacted what else...THE 3RD TASK of the Triwizard Tournament in the maze at Hampton Court

Launched my modeling career also at Hampton Court.

Discovered this amazing Spoon Me-esque place. Ridiculously more expensive, but wayyy better. I mean if there's any question it's gonna be snogging over spooning right?

And my personal favorite.....

Um. That is Google's really lame picture of STOMP. Blew my freaking mind. Best 10 pounds I've ever spent!

Sorry for the incredibly long and somewhat boring post. Please forgive. Also...guess who's going to Paris in the manana?? That's right. I'm SO EXCITED A;SDLKJFA;LSDKJF.

Thursday, 13 November 2008

Friends...Countrymen...PROVO-ITES! I just have to say this. WHAT'S SO WRONG WITH BEING FROM PROVO? In the first place, do people think we had any say in the matter? People treat you like some sort of alien species that has never come in contact with anything besides white mormon folk....ok so maybe sometimes it's true :) But does that mean we are incapable of understanding anyone else? BAHHH it bugs me so bad.
Today on the tube I was telling one of the girls how church has been a bit of a struggle. She says, "Wait....where are you from?" (THE DREADED QUESTION) so I respond "Provo." To which she replies, with an 'i'm more cultured and well-rounded than you' look in here eye, "Oh....that would be hard then." Oh...thank you! Thank you for your understanding. Since no one has trials in Provo, yes I see where you're coming from. THE REASON IT'S HARD IS BECAUSE I NO ESPEAK THEIR LANGUAGE OK ZORRITA? bahhhh it bugged. Must we endure this persecution forever? This is just one of many experiences I've had and I know you fellow Provo-ites have all had them too! Maybe I'm oversensitive because I've always felt secretly guilty I got to enjoy my relatively blissful youth in the land of flowing milk and honey. I'd like to think I'd still be the same person had I grown up somewhere else though...
Anyway, just thought I'd give a shoutout to all the Provo-folk who've always felt they had to defend their roots. I say to H-E-double-hockey-sticks with the p-town haters. PROVO PRYDE FOREVER.

Monday, 10 November 2008

Scholastic Blogging instead of homework?

So....I've been procrastinating my homework for about an hour now and I figure I should do something constructive with this time right? So I will blog to the 0 people who read this haha.
Can I give you a rundown of school here? Basically can be summed up in one magnificent word: WIKIPEDIA. They teach from it, we spit it right back at 'em. Glorious. No really though I have learned a lot...just not in the same ways I might have in Provo :) The choice of Professors is quite interesting....

#1- Dr. Danette Paul (aka D PAUL)
Where do I begin? So sweet, mid-thirties, single, dyslexic? Ahhhh I'm a terrible person but it is impossible to understand what she's trying to say when she teaches. You'd think she would have taken this into account when choosing a career... My friend's name is MARIN. She calls her MARTIN. Not one time, repeatedly. Apparently Dyslexia affects gender interpretation now as well???

#2- Dr Wimmer (aka G DUB)
We call him Grandpa Wimmer.... behind closed doors, and sometimes mistakenly to his face. Sweetest Grandpa of a teacher you ever had. Been here 4 times & therefore understands how to teach--we watch history movies each saturday morning for our class assignment.

#3-Pat Wimmer (aka P WIM)
G Dub's wife and the reason we are terrified of every minute spent in Kitchen Kru.

#4-Professor Benfell (PRO BENF? ok that one's gay)
Program Director. Early forties maybe, here with his whole family. So intelligent, cultured and not all stricty byu-ish. Like him a lot.

Jeff told me I should put up pictures of my favorite ads? Here you go. First thing I saw when I got off the tube:

The copy underneath says 'leave the cleavage to the ladies.' ahhh i laughed so hard. There's another one for Muffin Tops and another for Bingo Wings (aka relief society arms--don't we love them)

My other favorite ad involves David Beckham and I'd post it but he's not exactly modestly I'll leave you to your imagination for that one :)

Well I guess I can't put off the inevitable forever. Time to study. Hasta luego mi amor.

Friday, 7 November 2008

I'll never let go Jack...I'll never let go.

So I saw the one and only LEONARDO DiCAPRIO last night. *Sigh* We went to the premiere of Body of Lies in Leicester Square. Unfortunately Russell Crowe wasn't there but hey! Leo? I know what you're thinking: OLD NEWS. But do you know how many times we played as kids and he was my bf? I think one time Tessa and I fought over who got him so we invented "the Leo twins" (both incredibly handsome, yet perfectly our own of course). He was seriously 3 feet in front of me right when we got there but I couldn't get to my camera quick enough! We worked our way to the front but he didn't come back over to our side :( It's ok though, I just watched his lovely side profile talking to the media.

The lighting was TERRIBLE. I hate these pictures. But at least you get a feel for what it was like.

Director Ridley Scott. I didn't have anything for him to sign so I got his autograph for the cute British lad standing behind me.

He's beauty and he's grace! The man of the hour.

Wednesday, 5 November 2008

I Caru Ffrind and Gwleidyddiaeth.

That's Welsh for I love friends and politics. I decided the whole Spanish thing wasn't working out so I'd learn Welsh instead. Seriously though, we've been in Wales the last two days and the language is INSANE. For example:
The first day there we went down into a coal mine, hard hats and all! Exciting stuff everyone. We sang 'How Great Thou Art' in the mineshaft, converting tourists and miners right and left.

Embarrassing story for the week: (has it come to that-weekly?) We went to some Welsh Historical Outdoor something...none of us really knew where or why we were there but it was really pretty. I had to use the handicapped restroom since the Women's was out of order. I go to flush it and I see this long red string dangling from the ceiling. Naturally what you'd pull to flush the toilet right? WRONG. Right as I pulled it things turned all slow-mo on me. Red flashing lights everywhere, sirens going off and the REAL toilet flusher-handle staring me in the face. Man I ran out of there as fast as I could, only to find a handful of old Welshman hobbling briskly to the bathroom and my friends waiting with smiles on their faces. Good one me.
Senior Pics by the Train
Atop Malvern Hill, where Wilford Woodruff & Spencer W. Kimball came. You can't tell but the view was AMAZING.

Senior Pics at Tintern Abbey.
It was so breathtaking here...abandoned and perfect.

And... look who it is!! We had such a fun weekend although the conditions were far from perfect. The weather was no bueno pero estaba bien.

Brie and Brittney came to see me (and London I guess) and it was so great to see their smiling faces! Love you guys :)
Welp. It's happened. They love him here... But YAY FOR PROP 8 RIGHT? There are some extremely feisty, politically minded chicas here. Have to be careful with what you say. Anyway...yay for America and Wales and Friends. Adios for now.

Sunday, 2 November 2008

Perfectionists Anonymous. And other Sundry Things.

So this week was a bit stressful, to say the least. I had to write two 5-page papers in four days. I haven''t written a 5-page paper in the last YEAR! Haha suffice it to say i'm a little rusty. The real problem though is a combination of my PROCRASTINATION coupled with my PERFECTIONISM, which I'm going to blame on my PROVOISM.
I think for 90% of my classes in the last...lifetime I've said, "oh it's no big deal. i'll just get by, it doesn't really matter how i do." And then the realization hits that you have to at least turn something in. So you start working on it and that's when the perfectionism hits. Now you have just as much work to do, just as perfectly, in 1/3 the time. Perfect! Maybe if I was consistently perfectionistical things would work out. But let's face it that isn't going to happen in this lifetime. I just read over this and it sounds oddly like an intro to a paper called... 'Perfectionism: Blessing or Curse?' Moral of the story: don't write too many papers in one week or your blog posts, maybe even daily conversations, will start to sound like essays.

On a less intellectual note, here are some highlights of this week:

  • Seeing 'Oedipus the King' at the National Theatre. Ralph Fiennes aka HE WHO MUST NOT BE NAMED played Oedipus. Creepiest thing I've ever seen. At one moment I started giggling though...guess i'm not mature enough for that kind of theatre.
  • Day trip to Canterbury Cathedral and Chartwell--Winston Churchill's house before he was PM.
  • Saw a Mozart and Bruckner performance at the Royal Festival Hall
  • Day trip to Greenwich, just happened to be HALLOWEEN so of course we dressed for the occasion :)
  • Yes that is me doing splits across the prime meridian. Got some terrified looks from the small crowd of people waiting to take pictures but whatever.
  • BRIENNE AND BRITTNEY CAME TO VISIT! It was so fun to see their lovely familiar faces. Picture to come...
Peter Pan, Wendy, Hook, Rufio, Tigerlily, & Tink!

I looked like a total freak all day. I couldn't help but think of Jerry Seinfeld and dream costumes massacred by warm clothing.

The boy deprivation is becoming unbearable. You can't even all it deprivation, it's STARVATION. It's not like I haven't gone this long without dating someone, it's just COMPLETE separation from the male sex. As for the one guy on the program...I don't even know how to act around him anymore. He's like this weird species that doesn't even register in my mind. The Latino boys in my ward are starting to look mighty fine. mmmmm hmmm. Today on the tube I got the yummiest whiff (sp?) of curve for men. Turned me right on before I realized it was a middle-aged asian man. ahhhhhhh.
I'm exhausted. In a very good way, but nonetheless exhausted. We go all day everyday. I've been trying not to waste one second but i think i just need to relax for a bit. Since I'm leaving for Wales in 6 hours I don't foresee it happening anytime soon...but hey there are worse things--I'm well aware that life as I'm living it is completely unrealistic! I am falling asleep writing this and pretty sure nothing's making sense anymore. In other words, GOODNIGHT.