Saturday, 11 October 2008

They eat ham and baked beans for breakfast. And somehow they're skinnier than us?

So here are some pictures from our trip to the now particular order. Sorry this will be so long...

This is for mama. Hydrangeas grow like weeds here! This was outside a cotton mill we visited...exhilarating let me tell you. Haha really though it made me soooo grateful I didn't live back then. I complain about getting paid to sit and answer of those 'i'm kind of a bad person' moments.

Liverpool for Lyfe. We went to all the fun Beatles spots and saw so many lovely men. I swear I didn't see one girl all I responding too intensely to life in a polygamist colony?

We also saw the docks at Liverpool where a lot of the Saints left the country to come to Zion. We told stories about our ancestors and sang 'Come, Come, Ye Saints'....needless to say we were a little teary at the end. Probably sound cheesy but It's just so amazing to realize the sacrifices our ancestors made. That was one aspect of the trip I wasn't really expecting but it has been so powerful.

Outside our Hostel in Ambleside, the lake district. It was so gorgeous...words cannot describe and pictures don't do it justice. It's so green it almost looks unnatural. Fun activities here-hiking to Dove Cottage (home of Wiliam Wordsworth), eating at cute little cafes, finding some random waterfalls to hike to, taking a midnight dip in the lake--yeah. FREEZING.

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