Sunday, 26 October 2008

Scotland Won

We took our weekend trip to EDINBURGH, Scotland. (Cool people pronounce it "Edinburuhh" just so you know) It was...well... freaking windiest most miserable weather of my life if I'm being honest. Haha we made it fun but let's just say if I was a kid I would've been crying the whole time. Our train got delayed two hours so we like SPRINTED off it (carrying everything we brought) for the Edinburgh Playhouse where we saw....

I was surrounded on all sides by kids, crinkling wrappers and 'International Study Programs' Backpacks. It was great though, the set was immaculate. When she flew out over the audience I had total goosebumps!

We mostly just hung out on the main street called the Royal Mile. I think we went in every single store there and what did I buy? NOTHING. Ok except one thing, which later I discovered says 'designed in the USA' on it. Haha...Honestly I talked myself out of everything though, while my friend Brooke probably spent 300 pounds, no joke. One of those times I hate my logical mind.

So the two things girls do when things get bad are a) eat and b) shop. Am I right? We found this place called Chocolate Soup...yeah it was amazing.

Harvest Spice hot chocolate = Love handles in a bowl.

Need I say more??

At the Elephant House, a spunky little cafe where Harry Potter was conceived. Where would I be without this place?

They had to close the castle because a lady got BLOWN OFF THE STAIRS AND GOT INJURED. I didn't even know that was possible.

From inside Edinburgh Castle to the Tower

Just some pretty alleyway we found

We took a hike to Arthur Seat, which was beautiful despite the intense gales. Gales? Something in me is saying that's the word for crazy wind. Anyway, beautiful view of the city right?

So the weekend went a little differently than planned, but it was still good. I get so homesick for the centre whenever we're gone, and I love coming home! I don't know how i'm ever going to leave this place...

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Amy Allen said...

Still livin it up, Rebb. Looks like fun. Thanks for sharing.

Love, Amy