Sunday, 12 October 2008

Primary makes me grateful for birth control...

Ok so I'm evil for having such thoughts...but don't judge me until you've taught Primary. Haha last time the kids were so sweet and intelligent--this week all hell broke loose. I didn't even know what to do, they were just talking and screaming out of control the whole time! What do you do? At one point one of the boys called someone an @$$ h--- to which he responded in his British accent, "Mind your language Ricahdo, you've been baptised." So finally I threw my dignity out the window and started with the Grandma Gigi antics. I don't know what the solution can be in the future but let's hope I find it. At least I didn't fall asleep at the piano this's all about progress.
Up sides to the day: I SAW CRAIG CUSICK! He went to Orem but we hung out in High School and he's serving a mission in London. So fun to see him and give him a great big h---andshake. He was baffled when he saw me :) Great fun. Another up side was that the 2nd Counselor told me I spoke good Spanish. Ummm....como? Tienes cosas en tus orejas? Ja ja ja.
Bottom line is hard these days. I've been so spoiled my whole life just showing up to church and being spoon fed the Spirit. But here it's not like that. Unless I pay complete attention 24/7 I can't even understand what they're saying. My natural reaction is just to quit listening and daydream for 3 hours. But what a waste of time. I hate wasting time! I'm going to have to put more effort into church than ever but i'm going to make it worth it.
Sorry I'm so long winded..but let's face it I'm long winded. More random pics:

Way old pictures from Penzance. Heaven.

Pretty sure I almost jumped in..

Picture of our Hostel in Ambelside from Mermaid Rock

This little cake was at Harrod's--anyone wanna guess how much? 9.50. Pounds. That's $20 kids. Thank heavens the economy is booming.


Todd, Rose and Emy said...

Grandma gigi antics? I'm expecting big things this Christmas Reb. Emily will soon be blown out of her mind if you get those down. Looks like you're having a blast Reb.


Amy Allen said...

REbbie, I laughed from word one clear through until the final comment about our booming economy. This is gonna sound wrong but it's almost just as good as having you here because you write just like you speak. Keep writing - i love it.



Hayley (and Kyle) said...

Rebbie! I hope you are having the time of your life!!! Be sure to go to Crumbs and Doilies to get yourself a beautiful cupcake, and a tuna sandwich at E.A.T. (pret a manger)

you look cute as ever...

Hayley (and Kyle) said...

p.s. The good Lord DID bless us with birth control! (we teach the 9 and 10 year old hellions... I have a new reason to dread the 3 whole hours of church) The good Lord also blessed us with fruit snacks, duct tape (for their mouths) and a game of hangman now and then.

Lindsey S. said...

What fun times you are having. I can agree on the primary thing. I taught it for a while and it is hard stuff! I am sure they just love you. I always hated when kids said something weird about there paretns relationship or something and I would have to try to devert the kids attention back to me. You are great! Keep up the good work!