Friday, 3 October 2008

Oh just this Siamese Demon Baby Head Shoulders

For everyone who said there wasn't good food in London, let me just tell you about this little place called BOROUGH MARKET. Have you ever seen a purple cauliflower or a 4 feet high tower of brownies?? Yeah neither had I. There are tons of little stands with crazy/delicious/unique kinds of food. TONS of cheese, every flavor of hummus, vegetables, fruit juice, baked goods, everything. Today I got this fillafel...fullawful...however you spell that wrap from this Arabian Foods place. Words can't describe. Just so different from anything I'd usually get but so delicious.

Today we saw the Tower of London. The crown jewels....oh my. In one of the sceptres there is a diamond called the "Star of Africa." It's 530 CARATS. Incredible. The stairs were a miserable experience though, my butt about gave out thanks to that dance class.

I made some new discoveries this week. 1. V&A Museum. I went one afternoon by myself and it was the best. It's more of a design museum so there is a lot of sculpture and some art and my favorite--fashion :) I seriously was so fascinated by it. 2. Pinneapple Dance Studio. It's in Covent Garden, which is a happy place if you like to shop. My friend Brooke and I went and took a know when you walk in the studio and the air is humid with sweat? Yeah...I was drenched from head to toe within the first ten minutes. LOVED IT. Our teacher was a tall, red headed Brit with terrible teeth. Lovely :) The dance was super cheesy but ahhh it felt so amazing, as always, to just move. Of course today I can't walk but it was worth it! Poor people who had to stand next to us on the tube ride home, I'm sure they were hating life haha.

We took a day trip to Oxford and Blenheim Palace. I lovvvved the architecture at Blenheim. It just seemed really rustic. Not to mention the immaculate gardens outside. It was absolutely freezing though. We punted on the Oxford River, which was so fun but definitely harder than it looked. Pretty sure my friend Alex fell in the river and had to buy a complete Oxford Outfit for the rest of the day. Haha.

About the title to this Jordyn was getting really animated about some story but I couldn't hear her. So I walked over and asked what she was talking about and that was her answer...?? Apparently 'siamese demon baby head shoulders' brings up something pretty crazy on google. Try it :)


Lindsey S. said...

That food looked wonderful! I am way jealous and wish I could be there!

Todd, Rose and Emy said...

OH man! I am speechless with love for that place...I AM SO JEALOUS! Loved talking to you. You look good!