Tuesday, 14 October 2008

I finally have a future.

So I have some important news.. I GOT INTO THE ADVERTISING PROGRAM!!! YAY. Such a relief, I can't even explain. Now I have less motivation than ever to study here...just what I needed :) I have a big test tomorrow but i'm thinking tonight may have to be devoted to celebrating the fact that I now have a somewhat clearer future ahead. Special thanks to John Holman, who made my white socks and tevas look gooooood.


Amy Allen said...

...not really surprised but CONGRATS, Rebb!


Todd said...

No Reb, you and you alone make white socks and tevas look good. Although I think I can pull it off at special functions on occasion.

Cason and Marie said...

Congratulations!! MIss you!

Alex said...

Rebb I'm so happy for you! That has to feel so good. Maybe now you won't be such a stress case when you get home. Doubt it. Love you!