Saturday, 18 October 2008

Ghetto Fabulosity

OHHHH dear. So the past few days have been interesting to say the least. We planned a cute little trip to this seaside town called DOVER. Little did we know it is the Ghetto of the UK. There's no way I can even explain how funny it was. Every single thing we planned to do was closed. I'm serious. Every. Single. Thing. There were multiple occasions where I was teary with laughter. Priceless. These are pics from the few non-project areas of the town.

Ummm yeah. We went shopping at Claire's. For Halloween costumes but still...

Oh just bein a model you know :)

HAHA!!! Models again? How attractive can I get?? This was after we crossed the highway of death and climbed into this pier and walked FOREVER down a walkway only to be locked into the pier...I laughed sooo hard at this.

Pretty huh?

Finally we found this sign that said, "Discount Fashion Centre" so we get all excited..we go inside and what do we find? Fluorescent lighting and Christmas sweaters. You couldn't have paid me to take that stuff.

This was at Stratford. We saw the Royal Shakespeare Company do Love's Labours Lost and it was fantastic. Each boat is named for one of Shakespeare's heroines. Cutie huh?

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Chelsey said...

FYI: I just showed my sister your picture at platform 9 3/4, and she just responded with, "I hate your friends," then waked out of the room. I'm sorry about that. Jealousy can be ugly. Also, I think there is nothing wrong with traveling long distances to go to Claire's Boutique.