Sunday, 26 October 2008

Scotland Won

We took our weekend trip to EDINBURGH, Scotland. (Cool people pronounce it "Edinburuhh" just so you know) It was...well... freaking windiest most miserable weather of my life if I'm being honest. Haha we made it fun but let's just say if I was a kid I would've been crying the whole time. Our train got delayed two hours so we like SPRINTED off it (carrying everything we brought) for the Edinburgh Playhouse where we saw....

I was surrounded on all sides by kids, crinkling wrappers and 'International Study Programs' Backpacks. It was great though, the set was immaculate. When she flew out over the audience I had total goosebumps!

We mostly just hung out on the main street called the Royal Mile. I think we went in every single store there and what did I buy? NOTHING. Ok except one thing, which later I discovered says 'designed in the USA' on it. Haha...Honestly I talked myself out of everything though, while my friend Brooke probably spent 300 pounds, no joke. One of those times I hate my logical mind.

So the two things girls do when things get bad are a) eat and b) shop. Am I right? We found this place called Chocolate Soup...yeah it was amazing.

Harvest Spice hot chocolate = Love handles in a bowl.

Need I say more??

At the Elephant House, a spunky little cafe where Harry Potter was conceived. Where would I be without this place?

They had to close the castle because a lady got BLOWN OFF THE STAIRS AND GOT INJURED. I didn't even know that was possible.

From inside Edinburgh Castle to the Tower

Just some pretty alleyway we found

We took a hike to Arthur Seat, which was beautiful despite the intense gales. Gales? Something in me is saying that's the word for crazy wind. Anyway, beautiful view of the city right?

So the weekend went a little differently than planned, but it was still good. I get so homesick for the centre whenever we're gone, and I love coming home! I don't know how i'm ever going to leave this place...

Tuesday, 21 October 2008

Ballet + Chocolate = Happiness.

Yesterday we saw Swan Lake at the Royal Opera House. It was so beautiful. There's nothing like the sound of pointe shoes on a stage is there? The principal ballerina was just so...swanlike. I guess that's what happens to your arms when you eat nothing but cigarettes and dance ten hours a day. Anyway, the first pas de deux was completely enchanting, there is no other word for it. I had some hilarious flashbacks though--

For anyone who had the joy and privilege of dancing with Colleen Collins Smith (RUN, RUN DOUBLE NINE!), you know what I mean. Remember doing the pas de quatre ("THE PODDACAT!!!") and feeling so fabulous? It's a dance where there are four of you holding hands in a row, and I'm sure if any of these ballerinas saw our rendition they would have vomited all over us (oh, that's right they vomit all day long). Remember doing straight pas de chats for like 5 counts of 8? Haha most awwwkward thing ever. In my defense, even they couldn't keep up with it. I had some good laughs by myself in the dark remembering the good old days of the Quarternotes.

Before the performance we walked in our heels through the rain to this amazing little chocolate shop called COCOMAYA. Think Chocolat meets Anthropologie--in other words heaven on earth. My favorite was the pomegranate chocolate, (Yes Dad it WAS better than Reeses pieces) and luckily she let us try a bunch of them since they cost 1.50 pounds a piece. Yikes.

Aren't they beautiful? Heather and Annie would have been in heaven.

Just one more thing--church was a lot better this week! I just planned a bunch of songs and activities for primary and it went so much better. One funny moment was this little latino named Dennis singing Get Low in broken Spanglish/British. "Appa botta jees, boots wiffa fuhhh" oh it made me smile. I'll have to take a picture of those kids next week so you can get the full effect.

Saturday, 18 October 2008

Ghetto Fabulosity

OHHHH dear. So the past few days have been interesting to say the least. We planned a cute little trip to this seaside town called DOVER. Little did we know it is the Ghetto of the UK. There's no way I can even explain how funny it was. Every single thing we planned to do was closed. I'm serious. Every. Single. Thing. There were multiple occasions where I was teary with laughter. Priceless. These are pics from the few non-project areas of the town.

Ummm yeah. We went shopping at Claire's. For Halloween costumes but still...

Oh just bein a model you know :)

HAHA!!! Models again? How attractive can I get?? This was after we crossed the highway of death and climbed into this pier and walked FOREVER down a walkway only to be locked into the pier...I laughed sooo hard at this.

Pretty huh?

Finally we found this sign that said, "Discount Fashion Centre" so we get all excited..we go inside and what do we find? Fluorescent lighting and Christmas sweaters. You couldn't have paid me to take that stuff.

This was at Stratford. We saw the Royal Shakespeare Company do Love's Labours Lost and it was fantastic. Each boat is named for one of Shakespeare's heroines. Cutie huh?

Thursday, 16 October 2008

I'm like an American, so basically I'm better than you.

Favorite moments of the week:

This is the British Library and it was ammmmazing. I saw handwritten copies of the Magna Carta, Jane Eyre, Tess of the Durbeville's, letters from Thomas More to Henry VII, Beatles lyrics scribbled on envelopes, original scores from Ravel, Mozart...probably sounds stupid but really I had goosebumps.

We have to do these 'walks' through the city for one of our classes. This one went through the Government District. While coming up to Buckingham palace we walked by James Park and the leaves were so beautiful!!! Orange leaves covering everything. Ah so Fallish. Needless to say we stopped and had an hour long photo shoot.

It didn't work :(

So are you ready for my most embarrassing experience yet? One of the many times I wish I had SHUT my loud mouth. We were on the tube coming home from a show (The Year of Magical Thinking-slightly depressing but incredible) and were on the tube talking about our classes. We were talking about which ones we were worried about and which ones we weren't. So I'm taking a class called 'British History'...which is pretty easy and slightly boring at times. So I said, "You know, I don't really care about British History." On the tube. IN BRITAIN. Gooood job Rebbie!! So whenever you worry, don't fret, I am doing my part to change the way the British see us Americans. God Bless The USA.

Tuesday, 14 October 2008

I finally have a future.

So I have some important news.. I GOT INTO THE ADVERTISING PROGRAM!!! YAY. Such a relief, I can't even explain. Now I have less motivation than ever to study here...just what I needed :) I have a big test tomorrow but i'm thinking tonight may have to be devoted to celebrating the fact that I now have a somewhat clearer future ahead. Special thanks to John Holman, who made my white socks and tevas look gooooood.

Sunday, 12 October 2008

Primary makes me grateful for birth control...

Ok so I'm evil for having such thoughts...but don't judge me until you've taught Primary. Haha last time the kids were so sweet and intelligent--this week all hell broke loose. I didn't even know what to do, they were just talking and screaming out of control the whole time! What do you do? At one point one of the boys called someone an @$$ h--- to which he responded in his British accent, "Mind your language Ricahdo, you've been baptised." So finally I threw my dignity out the window and started with the Grandma Gigi antics. I don't know what the solution can be in the future but let's hope I find it. At least I didn't fall asleep at the piano this's all about progress.
Up sides to the day: I SAW CRAIG CUSICK! He went to Orem but we hung out in High School and he's serving a mission in London. So fun to see him and give him a great big h---andshake. He was baffled when he saw me :) Great fun. Another up side was that the 2nd Counselor told me I spoke good Spanish. Ummm....como? Tienes cosas en tus orejas? Ja ja ja.
Bottom line is hard these days. I've been so spoiled my whole life just showing up to church and being spoon fed the Spirit. But here it's not like that. Unless I pay complete attention 24/7 I can't even understand what they're saying. My natural reaction is just to quit listening and daydream for 3 hours. But what a waste of time. I hate wasting time! I'm going to have to put more effort into church than ever but i'm going to make it worth it.
Sorry I'm so long winded..but let's face it I'm long winded. More random pics:

Way old pictures from Penzance. Heaven.

Pretty sure I almost jumped in..

Picture of our Hostel in Ambelside from Mermaid Rock

This little cake was at Harrod's--anyone wanna guess how much? 9.50. Pounds. That's $20 kids. Thank heavens the economy is booming.

Saturday, 11 October 2008

One more thing.

I just had to add this video. One night it started pouring rain and we were all so tired so we just hung around the hostel...not exactly the most exciting place to be. So the hostel owner grabbed his guitar and we had a little jam sesh. I'm sure we sound incredible ha ha :)

They eat ham and baked beans for breakfast. And somehow they're skinnier than us?

So here are some pictures from our trip to the now particular order. Sorry this will be so long...

This is for mama. Hydrangeas grow like weeds here! This was outside a cotton mill we visited...exhilarating let me tell you. Haha really though it made me soooo grateful I didn't live back then. I complain about getting paid to sit and answer of those 'i'm kind of a bad person' moments.

Liverpool for Lyfe. We went to all the fun Beatles spots and saw so many lovely men. I swear I didn't see one girl all I responding too intensely to life in a polygamist colony?

We also saw the docks at Liverpool where a lot of the Saints left the country to come to Zion. We told stories about our ancestors and sang 'Come, Come, Ye Saints'....needless to say we were a little teary at the end. Probably sound cheesy but It's just so amazing to realize the sacrifices our ancestors made. That was one aspect of the trip I wasn't really expecting but it has been so powerful.

Outside our Hostel in Ambleside, the lake district. It was so gorgeous...words cannot describe and pictures don't do it justice. It's so green it almost looks unnatural. Fun activities here-hiking to Dove Cottage (home of Wiliam Wordsworth), eating at cute little cafes, finding some random waterfalls to hike to, taking a midnight dip in the lake--yeah. FREEZING.

Monday, 6 October 2008


I'm sorry but I love this picture. Isn't it so typical? 'THAT'S WHAT I LOOK LIKE?" I remember some guy asking why girls immediately look at the picture after they take it and without fail say, "ew I look so bad." Sad commentary on our insecure sex.
Tonight we're going to see Mamma Mia for Sara's Birthday. I'm not sure how I feel about voluntarily subjecting myself to hours of Abba...we'll see how it goes. Right now all it reminds me of is Mom singing with the vacuum. Love her..
Tomorrow we're leaving for the North! Lake District=beautiful+freezing. Should be fun though! Another week of no school. Dang it :)

So conference was's crazy how much you feel the spirit when you can actually understand the language they are speaking! We watched the sessions from 5-7 pm and from 9-11 pm. Definitely a different experience. It's so weird to be so far away and yet watching something that reminds me so much of home. I loved knowing that in the midst of this busy city we all took time to stop and enjoy the peace of the Gospel. I needed it.

Friday, 3 October 2008

Oh just this Siamese Demon Baby Head Shoulders

For everyone who said there wasn't good food in London, let me just tell you about this little place called BOROUGH MARKET. Have you ever seen a purple cauliflower or a 4 feet high tower of brownies?? Yeah neither had I. There are tons of little stands with crazy/delicious/unique kinds of food. TONS of cheese, every flavor of hummus, vegetables, fruit juice, baked goods, everything. Today I got this fillafel...fullawful...however you spell that wrap from this Arabian Foods place. Words can't describe. Just so different from anything I'd usually get but so delicious.

Today we saw the Tower of London. The crown jewels....oh my. In one of the sceptres there is a diamond called the "Star of Africa." It's 530 CARATS. Incredible. The stairs were a miserable experience though, my butt about gave out thanks to that dance class.

I made some new discoveries this week. 1. V&A Museum. I went one afternoon by myself and it was the best. It's more of a design museum so there is a lot of sculpture and some art and my favorite--fashion :) I seriously was so fascinated by it. 2. Pinneapple Dance Studio. It's in Covent Garden, which is a happy place if you like to shop. My friend Brooke and I went and took a know when you walk in the studio and the air is humid with sweat? Yeah...I was drenched from head to toe within the first ten minutes. LOVED IT. Our teacher was a tall, red headed Brit with terrible teeth. Lovely :) The dance was super cheesy but ahhh it felt so amazing, as always, to just move. Of course today I can't walk but it was worth it! Poor people who had to stand next to us on the tube ride home, I'm sure they were hating life haha.

We took a day trip to Oxford and Blenheim Palace. I lovvvved the architecture at Blenheim. It just seemed really rustic. Not to mention the immaculate gardens outside. It was absolutely freezing though. We punted on the Oxford River, which was so fun but definitely harder than it looked. Pretty sure my friend Alex fell in the river and had to buy a complete Oxford Outfit for the rest of the day. Haha.

About the title to this Jordyn was getting really animated about some story but I couldn't hear her. So I walked over and asked what she was talking about and that was her answer...?? Apparently 'siamese demon baby head shoulders' brings up something pretty crazy on google. Try it :)