Monday, 8 September 2008

We're tourists!!! Steal from us!!!

Here's the verdict on the first day of class: There are some people who come here because they know every detail of Jane Austen's existence. There are others who come because they like to travel. Thankfully, I'm the second type.

Top 5 elements of the most touristic day of my life:
1. We still travel in packs of 20 and pause every 5 minutes to check our maps.
2. The telephone-booth-picture-taking honestly took 20 minutes to get everyone done.
3. People took pictures EVERY TIME we got on the tube.
4. These girls still attempt speaking in British.
5. Two girls got lost in Hyde Park this morning...

I wish I could say I wasn't guilty of some of these butttt i'm gonna have to be honest and admit that although I'm trying to get the tourist out of me, I may not have succeeded just yet. But hey it's the first real day and that can be my excuse :)


Cason and Marie said...

REBB!!!!!!!!!! It's marie!! How are you? Hope you are doing well in London. I feel bad I never got to say bye to you! Keep in touch this way. I love yoU! My blog is

Amy said...

You're hilarious, Rebb. I love the updates - they take me back...


medicus said...

Love the blog Rebbie!! I'm so jealous that you're in London and I'm stuck on campus all day :( Hey, just give yourself a few days, several waffles, and a shopping spree and you'll find yourself morphing into a true Londoner.

betsy b said...


oh my. your blog is so up to date. i don't know if i can look at it anymore...because it makes me miss london too much..and it makes me wish i was a better blogger.