Saturday, 20 September 2008

Lyfe - Computer = Poo.

Sorry to be so vulgar. But REALLY APPLE?? Does it take this long to fix my lovely little laptop? Blahhh. I have so many great pics to upload but no way to upload them. I'm forced to use the Centre computer amidst sometimes unpleasant surroundings-i.e. last night when a bunch of girls put on 'Bride and Prejudice,' aka Jane Austen goes to Bollywood. Poor me :)
Monday we saw Phantom, which was incredible!!!! AH I had chills from the very first song. So fun to finally see it live. My friend Marin was a little unfamiliar with the story and kept saying, "What the heck. Why is this guy such a creeper? He's gonna kill her I know it." Honestly it is quite a psycho story...good music though.

"I am a little boy of five!!!!" Please tell me you remember this guy from that awful Pirates of Penzance movie mom made us watch?? Well we went to Penzance this week, which was (not surprisingly) much more beautiful in real life than in a plastic movie set. And since my photos are limited to google, this is what you get.
We hiked out to this beach over these cliffs...words really can't describe but it was so beautiful. Someday you will see pictures. We stayed at the YMCA there..amazing experience, despite the fact that it smelled terribly (i'll spare you the details). The YMCA kids sure know how to play steel drums I tell ya. We went up to our rooms and heard this crazy music outside. We go out and there's this big group of kids playing some sweet music. Need I say more? DANCE PARTAYY. Very memorable experience.
We also went to Stourhead Gardens (where they filmed the Keira Knightley Pride and Prejudice), Thomas Hardy's Cottage (I hate Tess of the D'Urberville's), Lyme Regis (another of Jane Austen's favorite settings) and saw an amazing Cathedral in Exeter. Lovely trip but I missed the Centre. It's good to be 'home.'
This morning I discovered Burroughs Market. Oh I love it. Amazing crazy types of food, tons of fresh produce, juice, bread, name it they have it. I got an amazingly delicious veggie burger in honor of Brienne (way better than Costco brie for the record), as well as some amazing fresh fruit that I hid in the depths of the fridge.
Hopefully I am reunited with my computer soon so life can continue happily :) Cheers!

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Becca said...

Rebbie! I just came across your blog, and I'm glad I did, you make me laugh. What an awesome experience you're having, Phantom and all! How fun, so fun. Sorry about your computer though, that's so frustrating. I'm excited to see all of your pictures!