Thursday, 25 September 2008

If I were in Provo I would so wear this to the UVSC Halloween dance.

Ok are you ready for a plethora of random thoughts? Here we go.

1. How embarrassing is that huge picture of me?

2. Can I get the boringest blog design award please?

3. Today I went to the Apple store. They say no computer until the 30th. Kill them all.

4. In class we were discussing A Midsummer Night's Dream (which we saw yesterday at the Globe, hilarious) and a girl literally referred to the fairies as "the fey." You know, as in a bunch of gooses become geese, mouses become mice, apparently fairies become FEY. These people are sickeningly intellectual I tell you.

5. I cannot concentrate in class. Why?? I swear I used to be a good student. Wait..didn't we all think that before we went to BYU? Today in history I sketched a some fabulous swimsuits for the line I wish I was designing...

6. I love British businessmen. Today I was in Holborn (kind of the business district) around lunch Flocks of them. Herds I'd even say. Hello and can we get married?

7. I went to Institute tonight. It was so amazing to really feel the spirit again. I try hard at my ward but it can be so hard when you hardly understand the language! This last sunday was a lot better and I'm supposed to teach Primary on Sunday. This should be interesting. It's really hard to find privacy here. Blessing and a curse.

8. Anniekins is getting married today. And I'm not there. Ahhhhh I've been thinking about her all day. So happy for them. Ew I can't think about not being there it makes me so sad!

9. Sorry for that last pity party of a post. I was having a weird day. Still trying to let it set in that I'm not just on vacation. Weird adjustment. I love it though really. So liberating.

10. Are you sick of this? Me too.

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this is the rebbie and love and miss