Friday, 12 September 2008

I hate goodbyes.....

So I took my beloved little Mac to the Apple store off Oxford street to see if they could fix it. They can at a small price of £61 and 10-14 days. AAAAA. It's not actually as expensive as it could have been but now I have to go without it for almost a fortnight. How long is a fortnight anyway? So it kind of stinks but what can you do??
While down on Oxford we went to Top Shop...oh my dear. I would live there if i could. AMAZING shopping I seriously had to take deep breaths and walk out the door so as not to spend my life savings :) Amazing
Today we saw Parliament--so fascinating. Their history is a little messed I have to say. I can't even begin to keep track of which King beheaded who's uncle's daughter's in law's lover. It was really fun to see though.
Some of the girls here literally talk about Shakespeare and Henry VIII on a regular how you and I would talk about SYTYCD. I'm feeling really uneducated these days....but seriously, get a life. Haha
I feel like I've been here for TWO YEARS!! Not really but it has been an insanely long week. Tourist mode needs to stop. Ahora. Speaking of Ahora, I am dreading more and more my Sunday of espanol to come in a few days. I'm sure i'll have some terribly embarrassing stories. Until then, cheers!

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Sarah Orme said...

funny story about that computer store off of oxford street. Lindsay Nash and I went on a run and then decided to see if they could fix her computer so she could skype her family. We're standing outside of the glass doors trying to pry them open...because the store had close 1 min. earlier. We wanted the employee's to look at her computer,and we were yelling to them to pay attention to us, while we're in the rain and in our running outfits. It was a very funny day. An no, they just pointed to the sign and walked away. Wish i was you and have a waffle and remember me.