Sunday, 7 September 2008

First Impressions of London

  You may be wondering, since I recently caught Reich's boquet and started a blog, if I'm getting married.  The answer to that question is NO but for all the people who said I'd find my husband in London, there is one lovely boy on the program so I figure my odds are pretty good.  I don't know who would be interested in reading about my life but hey, it's an easier way to keep you updated I guess...

So i'm finally here..the past few days have been the longest of my life I swear!!   I started from Salt Lake with 2 hours of sleep, thinking it would help me sleep on the long plane ride and then detract from my jetlag.  Our first flight went to Minneapolis, then from there to Detroit, from there to London.  
On the flight to Detroit I sat by this lady who had been at the Republican Convention.  She talked my EAR OFF and was droppin names like Romney and Giuliani like they were hot.  Then she mentions how "the Washington Post was so democratic when they quoted her."  I was so curious so I just googled her and found out she's a delegate for Michigan. Interesting lady, we talked about the church a little.  It was cool but one of those times you wish you'd been on a mission or something so you can explain things better!
 The flight to London was sooooooooooooo long.  I finally swallowed my pride and got out the neck pillow, only to discover that it was broken.  Or maybe I was just too tired/not intelligent enough to figure out that contraption.  So I watched Prince Caspian, cheesiest thing evvver.  Anyway, from there I attempted sleeping in all those plane positions you try (i.e. head on the tray table, face on the seat in front) that totally leave your body cramped and numb. Lame!
Long story short, it was a long, hungry, delirious yet somehow fun trip.  The girls i'm with are awesome, feel like i've known them forever already.  The centre is BEAUTIFUL.  Seriously.  I took a few pics but they are ugly and not artistic so they kind of bug.  More to come.  This morning the fire alarm woke us up.  SO loud and disturbed my 14 hour slumber.  We went to the singles ward here today, interesting experience.  Why does everything sound better in British?  Like it's a language or something...but really.  We'll get our ward assignments tonight so unfortunately I won't be with the single mormon brits for long :( Speaking of, I need to go to a fireside but I will update later.  This whole blogging thing is weird. 


David said...

I think you should marry that chap and be on with your life. Can your next posting be entirely dedicated to the crumpet? What exactly is a crumpet? Can it exist without tea? Can Mormons eat crumpets? (are they in violation of the WOW by association?)


David W. said...

Reb you are quite the blogger! You crack me up. Please wait at least two weeks before discussing marriage with anyone there. Thank you.

Love Dad