Wednesday, 10 September 2008


  Ok we went to Stonehenge and Bath beautiful.  Honestly it was the first time I've really felt like I was in Europe, sometimes London just feels like a British-speaking New York.  I don't think my camera left my hand all day, it was so pretty. It's so frustrating though because pictures just do not do it justice.  
  Just so you know...if you ever have thousands of dollars to blow, London is the place for you!  It takes so much discipline not to just go shop or eat your life away.  I have to remember I kind of live here now, it's not like a week long thing where I can just hit the gym hardcore after ya know? I think you'll all be proud to hear that I have hardly noticed the absence of my cell phone, which I am quite proud of :)
  Scary moment of the laptop was on top of my bead and I grabbed my scarf off to put it away.  Little did I know it was UNDER my computer, so it fell off and i FREAKKKKED OUT!  You guys know how attached I am to this machine...the screen is kind of attached crookedly now and it honestly makes me sick to my stomach.  I've always been so careful with it and now of all times and in all things and all places is not the time I want to pay to get it fixed.  Sucks.  Anyway, here are some pics of the amazing day.

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