Wednesday, 10 September 2008

Bath Pics

               So this girl insisted on taking a picture of me in front of this door.  Cute idea but suuuper awkward.  She told me to gaze into the distance with a serious face and this is what happened.

             Hi.  My name is Rebbie and I will be your travel guide for the remainder of your stay here at Stonehenge.  I laughed at this all day.  hahahahaaa



Todd, Rose and Emy said...

Bath was my favorite! You are right becasue pictures don't do it justice. You look so cute and you are so dang lucky to be there! Everytime I look at your blog I make Todd swear on his life that he will take me back for an extended stay in London.. I think he is not taking me seriously...little does he know.... LOVE YA!!!

Cason and Marie said...

What a babalicious model! Cute outfit! You are hilarious! Love yoU!

Brandon and Katie said...

I love you!!! I'm so glad you caved in and created a blog. Now I can feel like i'm experiencing study abroad with you. Looks like you belong in Europe. I love you and I hope you're enjoying yourself. Keep up the posts! p.s. sorry about the laptop.