Monday, 29 September 2008

Together Again

Can I even begin to describe how liberating it is to be here?? Yesterday before church I went on a walk to Kensington Park. I just sat by the fountains and read and wrote in my journal and loved my life. I have no cell phone, no car, no boys, no one to check up on me. Sounds miserable right? Haha I LOVE it. I never do my hair, just shower (sometimes :) and let it go. I have an endless supply of nice, charming, hilariously witty young ladies to spend my time with. Or I can go get lost in this huge city with no one to bother me. I feel like time just stopped and I somehow escaped everything that ever makes me stressed. How did I get so lucky? Every day I feel like I'm in a dream and I never want to wake up!

We went on a long walk on Saturday all through the countryside. This was one of my favorite churches, the cemetery was so secluded and peaceful!

Today we went to Buckingham Palace! It was the last day the State Rooms are open for the public to see. It was truly extravagant, I cannot believe anyone actually lives there. We couldn't take pictures inside but here's me looking happy and asian outside it.

So after 15 long days of separation I am finally reunited with my one and only. It smells so new and yummy...can't tell you how happy I am!! The guy who helped me at the Apple store was British and charming and I nearly kissed him I was so excited. About my computer, not just him...I think I may just sleep with her in my arms tonight.

Thursday, 25 September 2008

If I were in Provo I would so wear this to the UVSC Halloween dance.

Ok are you ready for a plethora of random thoughts? Here we go.

1. How embarrassing is that huge picture of me?

2. Can I get the boringest blog design award please?

3. Today I went to the Apple store. They say no computer until the 30th. Kill them all.

4. In class we were discussing A Midsummer Night's Dream (which we saw yesterday at the Globe, hilarious) and a girl literally referred to the fairies as "the fey." You know, as in a bunch of gooses become geese, mouses become mice, apparently fairies become FEY. These people are sickeningly intellectual I tell you.

5. I cannot concentrate in class. Why?? I swear I used to be a good student. Wait..didn't we all think that before we went to BYU? Today in history I sketched a some fabulous swimsuits for the line I wish I was designing...

6. I love British businessmen. Today I was in Holborn (kind of the business district) around lunch Flocks of them. Herds I'd even say. Hello and can we get married?

7. I went to Institute tonight. It was so amazing to really feel the spirit again. I try hard at my ward but it can be so hard when you hardly understand the language! This last sunday was a lot better and I'm supposed to teach Primary on Sunday. This should be interesting. It's really hard to find privacy here. Blessing and a curse.

8. Anniekins is getting married today. And I'm not there. Ahhhhh I've been thinking about her all day. So happy for them. Ew I can't think about not being there it makes me so sad!

9. Sorry for that last pity party of a post. I was having a weird day. Still trying to let it set in that I'm not just on vacation. Weird adjustment. I love it though really. So liberating.

10. Are you sick of this? Me too.

Tuesday, 23 September 2008

"We're not going to see Vivaldi, we're going to see Baroque."

Okay so...this week is looking blah. I went running on Saturday way early and it was freezing cold, the sun wasn't up yet. I got that asthma ish running cough but it was hurting really badly. So 3 days later I'm still having coughing spasms, which is kind of annoying, wakes everyone in my room up in the middle of the night! Boo.

On top of that we have Kitchen Duty this week. Haha it is RIDICULOUS, we get up at the crack of dawn and have to be back at 4 PM to make everyone's dinner. We make it fun, one of the girls in my group always ends up singing Disney songs or her terrifying version of Andrea Bocelli. (I told her it was terrifying to her face, lest you think I'm gossiping.) On top of THAT, we have four days of class this week. I realize this used to be normal but seeing as I haven't had or thought about class for the past week and a half, it's going to be rough. Our classes today are an hour and a half, which leaves us two hours between class and slave duty. Lame!!! Maybe I'll go buy some cough medicine... :)

Picture for this post is going to have to be something that makes me happy...aka my good friend Graham, who you may have seen on the Bachelorette. We are officially facebook friends now so you know what that means....

Today marks day 11 without my computer. Can you tell i'm getting desperate? I'm going to get on the phone in about 5 minutes and heckle them to death. Wish me luck..

Saturday, 20 September 2008

Lyfe - Computer = Poo.

Sorry to be so vulgar. But REALLY APPLE?? Does it take this long to fix my lovely little laptop? Blahhh. I have so many great pics to upload but no way to upload them. I'm forced to use the Centre computer amidst sometimes unpleasant surroundings-i.e. last night when a bunch of girls put on 'Bride and Prejudice,' aka Jane Austen goes to Bollywood. Poor me :)
Monday we saw Phantom, which was incredible!!!! AH I had chills from the very first song. So fun to finally see it live. My friend Marin was a little unfamiliar with the story and kept saying, "What the heck. Why is this guy such a creeper? He's gonna kill her I know it." Honestly it is quite a psycho story...good music though.

"I am a little boy of five!!!!" Please tell me you remember this guy from that awful Pirates of Penzance movie mom made us watch?? Well we went to Penzance this week, which was (not surprisingly) much more beautiful in real life than in a plastic movie set. And since my photos are limited to google, this is what you get.
We hiked out to this beach over these cliffs...words really can't describe but it was so beautiful. Someday you will see pictures. We stayed at the YMCA there..amazing experience, despite the fact that it smelled terribly (i'll spare you the details). The YMCA kids sure know how to play steel drums I tell ya. We went up to our rooms and heard this crazy music outside. We go out and there's this big group of kids playing some sweet music. Need I say more? DANCE PARTAYY. Very memorable experience.
We also went to Stourhead Gardens (where they filmed the Keira Knightley Pride and Prejudice), Thomas Hardy's Cottage (I hate Tess of the D'Urberville's), Lyme Regis (another of Jane Austen's favorite settings) and saw an amazing Cathedral in Exeter. Lovely trip but I missed the Centre. It's good to be 'home.'
This morning I discovered Burroughs Market. Oh I love it. Amazing crazy types of food, tons of fresh produce, juice, bread, name it they have it. I got an amazingly delicious veggie burger in honor of Brienne (way better than Costco brie for the record), as well as some amazing fresh fruit that I hid in the depths of the fridge.
Hopefully I am reunited with my computer soon so life can continue happily :) Cheers!

Sunday, 14 September 2008

Como?? No entiendo tus palabras.... I hate posting without pictures but mi computadora is gone. So Shakira is going to have to suffice for the theme of this post.
First day at the Spanish Branch. OH MY GOSH. They speak 5 million mph I swear to you! Ah I would concentrate as hard as I possibly could and I really could understand the main message but wow. The RS teacher called on me for some answer and my face just went bright red. Haha it really got exciting during sacrament though...
The YW were doing a presentation where each one spoke about a different value. Before the first one speaks, they put on this total EFY-gone-espanol background music. Then the cell phones start going off. Then the lady in front of us lifts up her shirt and starts breast feeding. Then the music starts skipping. Oh my goodness I lost it. I could not stop laughing and I felt really bad but it was just worlds away from Provo church. Michael leans over and goes "Welcome to Latin America." Weird. Don't get me wrong, the girls were so sweet and everything but it was a little culture shock-ish! Even though I can't understand a lot of what they are saying you can see how much love there is in the ward. It was really eye opening. Luckily they asked me to be the pianist so there is at least something I can contribute.
Other than that today was great, I went on a 2 hour walk through Hyde Park before church. Holy cow it is so beautiful. It's like the Thanksgiving Point gardens but less fake feeling. I LOVE BRITISH CHILDREN! There were so many around today riding their 'scooters' (mini razors) and it made me miss the kiddies so much :(
The weekend was great--saw a play called 39 steps, went to the Thames Festival, PORTABELLO MARKET, and saw a Vivaldi performance (Four Seasons) in Leicester Square. I am in love with this place.

Friday, 12 September 2008

I hate goodbyes.....

So I took my beloved little Mac to the Apple store off Oxford street to see if they could fix it. They can at a small price of £61 and 10-14 days. AAAAA. It's not actually as expensive as it could have been but now I have to go without it for almost a fortnight. How long is a fortnight anyway? So it kind of stinks but what can you do??
While down on Oxford we went to Top Shop...oh my dear. I would live there if i could. AMAZING shopping I seriously had to take deep breaths and walk out the door so as not to spend my life savings :) Amazing
Today we saw Parliament--so fascinating. Their history is a little messed I have to say. I can't even begin to keep track of which King beheaded who's uncle's daughter's in law's lover. It was really fun to see though.
Some of the girls here literally talk about Shakespeare and Henry VIII on a regular how you and I would talk about SYTYCD. I'm feeling really uneducated these days....but seriously, get a life. Haha
I feel like I've been here for TWO YEARS!! Not really but it has been an insanely long week. Tourist mode needs to stop. Ahora. Speaking of Ahora, I am dreading more and more my Sunday of espanol to come in a few days. I'm sure i'll have some terribly embarrassing stories. Until then, cheers!

Wednesday, 10 September 2008

Bath Pics

               So this girl insisted on taking a picture of me in front of this door.  Cute idea but suuuper awkward.  She told me to gaze into the distance with a serious face and this is what happened.

             Hi.  My name is Rebbie and I will be your travel guide for the remainder of your stay here at Stonehenge.  I laughed at this all day.  hahahahaaa



  Ok we went to Stonehenge and Bath beautiful.  Honestly it was the first time I've really felt like I was in Europe, sometimes London just feels like a British-speaking New York.  I don't think my camera left my hand all day, it was so pretty. It's so frustrating though because pictures just do not do it justice.  
  Just so you know...if you ever have thousands of dollars to blow, London is the place for you!  It takes so much discipline not to just go shop or eat your life away.  I have to remember I kind of live here now, it's not like a week long thing where I can just hit the gym hardcore after ya know? I think you'll all be proud to hear that I have hardly noticed the absence of my cell phone, which I am quite proud of :)
  Scary moment of the laptop was on top of my bead and I grabbed my scarf off to put it away.  Little did I know it was UNDER my computer, so it fell off and i FREAKKKKED OUT!  You guys know how attached I am to this machine...the screen is kind of attached crookedly now and it honestly makes me sick to my stomach.  I've always been so careful with it and now of all times and in all things and all places is not the time I want to pay to get it fixed.  Sucks.  Anyway, here are some pics of the amazing day.

Monday, 8 September 2008

We're tourists!!! Steal from us!!!

Here's the verdict on the first day of class: There are some people who come here because they know every detail of Jane Austen's existence. There are others who come because they like to travel. Thankfully, I'm the second type.

Top 5 elements of the most touristic day of my life:
1. We still travel in packs of 20 and pause every 5 minutes to check our maps.
2. The telephone-booth-picture-taking honestly took 20 minutes to get everyone done.
3. People took pictures EVERY TIME we got on the tube.
4. These girls still attempt speaking in British.
5. Two girls got lost in Hyde Park this morning...

I wish I could say I wasn't guilty of some of these butttt i'm gonna have to be honest and admit that although I'm trying to get the tourist out of me, I may not have succeeded just yet. But hey it's the first real day and that can be my excuse :)

Sunday, 7 September 2008

Ward Assignment


First Impressions of London

  You may be wondering, since I recently caught Reich's boquet and started a blog, if I'm getting married.  The answer to that question is NO but for all the people who said I'd find my husband in London, there is one lovely boy on the program so I figure my odds are pretty good.  I don't know who would be interested in reading about my life but hey, it's an easier way to keep you updated I guess...

So i'm finally here..the past few days have been the longest of my life I swear!!   I started from Salt Lake with 2 hours of sleep, thinking it would help me sleep on the long plane ride and then detract from my jetlag.  Our first flight went to Minneapolis, then from there to Detroit, from there to London.  
On the flight to Detroit I sat by this lady who had been at the Republican Convention.  She talked my EAR OFF and was droppin names like Romney and Giuliani like they were hot.  Then she mentions how "the Washington Post was so democratic when they quoted her."  I was so curious so I just googled her and found out she's a delegate for Michigan. Interesting lady, we talked about the church a little.  It was cool but one of those times you wish you'd been on a mission or something so you can explain things better!
 The flight to London was sooooooooooooo long.  I finally swallowed my pride and got out the neck pillow, only to discover that it was broken.  Or maybe I was just too tired/not intelligent enough to figure out that contraption.  So I watched Prince Caspian, cheesiest thing evvver.  Anyway, from there I attempted sleeping in all those plane positions you try (i.e. head on the tray table, face on the seat in front) that totally leave your body cramped and numb. Lame!
Long story short, it was a long, hungry, delirious yet somehow fun trip.  The girls i'm with are awesome, feel like i've known them forever already.  The centre is BEAUTIFUL.  Seriously.  I took a few pics but they are ugly and not artistic so they kind of bug.  More to come.  This morning the fire alarm woke us up.  SO loud and disturbed my 14 hour slumber.  We went to the singles ward here today, interesting experience.  Why does everything sound better in British?  Like it's a language or something...but really.  We'll get our ward assignments tonight so unfortunately I won't be with the single mormon brits for long :( Speaking of, I need to go to a fireside but I will update later.  This whole blogging thing is weird.