Thursday, 23 January 2014

Back from the dead

Hello friends! It's been too long.

I've come back from the dead momentarily to say goodbye :(

While I have loved bragging about my husband here over the past few years, the time has come to get a big girl blog.

I don't have as much time for personal blogging these days, but I do still need an outlet, which is why I made myself this nice little SANE ASYLUM.

I think it's pretty and would love to have you join me there.

I wanted to say thank you to my Blogspot peeps for reading this weird little blog. I will miss it.

From here on out, you'll find me at or of course,

Love & Hugz!


Wednesday, 17 July 2013

Some Pro/Cons regarding my Love/Hate relationship with with my weird name

It’s become pretty trendy in recent years for parents to give their kid a stupid name. But what a lot of parents don’t consider is the repercussions these names will have on their children. In my experience, having a weird name hasn’t been a bad thing. But it does ensure a different life experience than the Mikes and Michelles of the world. I’ve compiled a list of some things all parents should consider before naming their kid something like Tuesday or SkighLark. Each has been given a pro or con. Parents, please read each carefully and weigh them at the end of the exercise.

1. Increased Googleablity

This comes in handy with prospective jobs and handsome waiter situations. It limits your privacy, but privacy seems overrated these days anyway.


2. Feeling unique even when you are maybe not so unique

A recruiter once asked me on a phone interview where I was from. “I’m picturing Eastern Europe or something, am I close?"

“Actually I’m from Utah. Have you heard of Provo?”


3. This

Rojy? Rouy? Takeout is really disheartening for people with weird names. 


4. Spelling problems

Similar to #3, but annoying enough to merit its own spot on the list. A few favorite spellings of my name include: Ribbie, Rebby, Rebi, Rebe, Kebbie, Nebbie and Raebe.


5. People remember you years after meeting you

This is cool when that guy you met at the Dashboard Confessional concert during your sophomore year of high school shows up five years later at church. 

This is not so cool when that guy who asked you out in college and then brought his dog to the restaurant and made out with it after dinner shows up five years later at church. 


6. Lingering Handshakes 

I've only recently started picking up on this one. It’s terrible. Imagine this:

"Hi, I'm Bob."

(commence handshake)

"Hi, I'm Rebbie. Nice to meet you, Bob."

"You too, ... wait what was it?”
"It's Rebecca, but I go by Rebbie."

(hands are getting sweaty)

“Oh, well that’s….interesting, how do you spell it?”

“Just like Debbie but with an R.”

(eye contact is wavering)

“Okay, well nice to meet you, Ruby.”

At its fastest, this takes 12.5 seconds. Too long to hold hands with a stranger, let a lone hold eye contact. I’m not sure I’ve even made 12.5 seconds of eye contact with anyone I’ve dated.


7. Gender confusion

I’ve been called Robbie more times than I can count. And can we really blame anyone for not knowing whether North West is a boy or a girl? If one is repeatedly being called a him when actually a her, or vice versa, gender confusion is a serious threat.  


So parents, if you think it’s worth your kid being gender confused to feel unique, maybe Johnessa is a good choice. If you’d like your kid to develop a thick skin because no one can ever pronounce or spell his name, Cessair is a great option. And if you want your kid to get used to holding hands with strangers while looking them in the eye, by all means go for Macaire.

Friday, 22 February 2013

Why it pays to have designer friends.

Thanks Nic! Let's cash in on this thing and quit our day jobs.

Wednesday, 20 February 2013

Brilliant ideas no one will pay me for: Part 1

This is part one in what could be a million part series. I hope you're prepared.

Today I was sitting there trying to do real work when I remembered hearing this crazy story about a lady who makes purses out of people's pet fur.

No seriously.

Until today I thought this idea was pretty messed up.

But then, by accident, I proved the power of marketing to myself. And now I'm thinking I need to buy a pet so I can make a handbag out of it.

I was telling someone about Rumpel-cat-skin and they didn't believe me. I said, "It's true. For reals."

And then it hit me.




You're welcome, cat lady. I just named your business.

It's been a long day with no good ideas. Please forgive and forget.

Wednesday, 9 January 2013

I fell in love with a Genius.

My trusty iPhone has been dropping calls lately. Kind of frustrating. Kind of exciting.

Because you know what this means? I get to visit the one, the only,


 I would like to know who among you has NOT fallen in love with a Genius.

They are the modern day car mechanic. The knight in shining armor to today's distressing damsel.

My MacBook will take a few hours to fix? Why don't we discuss it over dinner.

My Motherboard is getting old? I bet you could fix it.

I'm not sure what it is exactly, but every time I walk up to the bar and am greeted by the warm embrace of his nerdy smile, my heart can't help but skip a few beats.

 Your parents would have no choice but to love a Genius. He would always take care of you. By definition, doesn't "Genius" mean there's no problem he cannot solve?

Before I go too far down this rabbit hole, there are a few things I have discovered over the years that I feel obligated to remind us all.

1-When visiting the Genius bar, you must not be fooled into interacting with a female Genius. To her, your ignorance will only be irritating. You will leave with nothing for free. No, as much as I believe in women's rights and say, "down with the glass ceiling!" I cannot support the female Genius.

2-I have tried to actually date a few Geniuses in days gone by. It's really too convenient that they have to get your phone number in order to diagnose your iPhone. His name looks so nice on your contact list: "Kevin Genius." But it always seems that once you see him in civilian clothing, the spell is broken. I'd really rather you put that bright green t-shirt on and talk about Snow Lion. Bobcat? Panther? What are we on these days? A Genius would know.

So often my friends in LA talk about how hard it is to meet guys at bars.

My question is, why go to a normal bar...when you could go to one FULL OF GENIUSES?

They've got all varieties.

Smart geniuses.

Cute geniuses.

Stylish geniuses.

Geniuses that look like Chris Pine.

Geniuses who celebrate Christmas, which is no guarantee these days.

So ladies, here is my message to you:
Drop your computer! Run over your earbuds! Throw your iPhone in the toilet!  Do whatever you need to do to get yourself to the Genius bar.

I will be there. We will make silent eye contact, and both of us will know. That for this moment, we've fallen in love. With our Genius.

Sunday, 30 December 2012

Les Miserables: High School English Edition

If you thought Eddie Redmayne and Samantha Barks were good in Les Miserables, think again.

Below is one of many five star films my friends and I produced for our High School English class. In case it's hard to follow, this is the crucial moment when Marius is fighting to protect the barricade and Eponine sacrifices herself to save his life.

The cast is as follows:
Marius: Katie Larsen Carter
Eponine: Annie Stewart Grow
Cinematography/SFX: Rebbie Groesbeck Redmayne*

I have seen the film in theaters twice. The first time, I wept at the sheer beauty of the story and performance. The second time, I wept because all I could think about were these videos.

Drink with me, to days gone by. Because these seriously were the days.

*You cannot tell me Rebbie Redmayne doesn't roll off the tongue. Let this girl dream a dream.

Friday, 7 December 2012


Dear friends,

If you don't know by now, I am Mormon.

If you knew I was Mormon, you may not know that I am also a Normon.

If you don't know what a Normon is, please refer to this blog I started. went live yesterday and I have been blown away by the response. Thanks for all the support and no thanks for all the mean comments.

This is going to be quite the adventure. I would love to have you all come along.

Happy Friday.